Svenskt och engelskt lexicon: efter Kongl. Secreteraren Sahlstedts svenska ordbok, författadt af Gustaf Widegren, ...

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tryckt hos Johan A. Carlbohm, 1788 - 897 pages
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Page 81 - ¡if f<' ~, to remove, to move. — dragt, m. embezzlement of goods or money committed by one partner to the prejudice of the other, -fast, a. landed who has his own house, -flyttuing, f. removal. -fällig , a. decayed. -f ällighet, f. decay, -hag, -hagstyg, П. moveables in a house, furniture^ -lek , ч>
Page 168 - A ship is said to be beneaped, when the water does not flow high enough to bring her off the ground. BENEATH, b*-n£rHe',jprfp.
Page 572 - ELIQUATION, in metallurgy, a separation of the different parts of mixed bodies, by the different degrees of fire required to melt them. ELI"SION...
Page 55 - Ьош, barding. 2í cfFri fu n¡ it » /. description , account, detail. — •BefFtifpe» va to describe, to define, to give an account of, to set forth a thing. - BcfFnu'ru Iag> written law. 2MFyi>î»> n. protection, shelter, patronage, safeguard, auspice, »a
Page 545 - To variegate or diverfify , in the manner of a chefs-board, with alternate colours. I ru* tor, Checker -wife, (Se AIXSWORTH.) Wrought ïn checker.werk. ._, Rutebufs, f. Blutlerer, Swaggerer ,, Bully. Rater, f. Diamond, A Suit of cards. Rut er HÖ'd
Page 58 - Ь. от ngot, to have the charge of a thing, to have a thing under one's care, -a, va to conduct, to dispose, to order, to regulate, to manage, to direct, to take care of.
Page 36 - ft ft, ". a. to deceive, to cheat, to defraud, to impose upon, to trepan, to trap, to ensnare, to cozen, to delude, to bilk, to beguile, to trick, to bite.
Page 412 - Ruffled shirt. 294 9Я an n. The standard or rule by which the taxation of farms and other estates in the country is regulated.
Page 638 - Span, The Space from the end of tbe thumb to the end of the fore finger extended, Span, proverbialiter.
Page 390 - The building leans, fían lutar med hufvudet , He holds down his head, He inclines his head. Del lutar til tindergâng, It is going to decay.

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