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Explore Sweden with Lonely Planet. With our 4th edition you'll discover the many sides to this diverse country - camp out by the shores of lovely Lake Siljan, peruse the latest fashions in Stockholm's trendy Sodermalm, hike up the Sami holy mountain of Atoklimpen, visit an artist's home at Carl Larsson-Garden.
Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip.
In This Guide:
Unique color section on Swedish culture, from Vikings to design
Includes tailor-made itineraries to inspire you on your visit
Unique Green Index for easy reference to sustainable options

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2010)

Becky grew up with a thick book of Swedish fairy tales illustrated by John Bauer, so the deep, black forests of Norrland hold a particular fascination for her. When hiking through them, she's constantly on the lookout for tomtes and changelings, green-haired witches and moss-covered trolls (which, to the untrained eye, look just like enormous rocks). Though raised in Colorado, Becky has been a frequent explorer of Sweden since childhood, while visiting her grandparents in Stockholm and her great-aunt in Härnösand. She loves the music of the Swedish language, although she can't really dance to it. She loves herring and gravlax, Swedish potatoes and aquavit. But mostly she loves getting lost in those forests, among the trolls and tomtes.

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