Swimming Against the Odds: Harris County Aquatic Program 1st Ten Years

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, Jan 7, 2004 - Sports & Recreation - 204 pages

Unions End is a book about the beginning and the end of an advanced civilization that seeded Earth millions of years ago in an effort for their own race to survive. The book starts with the development of a generation ship that takes the remaining survivors to Earth were they find that they cannot survive long on Earth without some form of genetic reengineering. The attempts eventually lead to the human race and now the race is on for the survival of the human race. Mankind's safety and continued existence is left in the hands of one man. He finds that he will not be able to save everyone and does what he can to save as many people as possible.

Through a series of events Earl Donahee finds that he is the only one able to take control of a Generation ship, built millions of years earlier, that holds a power so strong that it could destroy the entire solar system in the blink of an eye. The water that is needed to prevent the disaster is so close and abundant on Earth but getting it to where he needs it will take too much time using conventional ships that it seems there is little hope of success until Sam steps in with a plan that works. Only after the local danger is over, Earl finds out about an outside danger that had never been thought possible or even considered a danger. The massive singularity is returning to destroy the human race again and there is only one option for him to take, one that will lead him into controversy and lead the human race on an adventure some can only dream about.

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