Systemization of the Russian Verb

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University Press, 1909 - Russian language - 62 pages

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Page xxxv - Thus вздорить (N) from вздоръ; участвовать (N) from учасие ; заботиться (N) from забота ; завидовать from зависть. This, though the true explanation of the phenomenon of many compound verbs being N, cannot be regarded as a means of differentiation, since who can say, in most cases, whether a verb is denominative or vice versa 1 (3) Compounds of class A (3) follow the analogy of the simples, as поступать (N), поступить...
Page xxxix - F постоять вы) от. стоять настоять перестоять устоять Withstand (противъ) There seems in the compounds of стоять to be a tendency on the part of the N to be intrans. ; but not vice versa. Obs. A few compounds are both N and F, eg сочетаю, завещаю ; (N) не припомню его имени / don't remember his name ; (F) я вамъ это припомню I'tt make you remember it ! ; прикидать Throw in addition.
Page vii - Secondly, there is that difficulty peculiar to the verb of the Slavonic languages, viz. the determination of the " Aspect," that is the speaker's mental point of view with regard to the completeness or incompleteness of the action.
Page xx - ... poetry -ся is often used with the gerund, for the sake of the metre. CHAPTER VI THE ACCENT' (CHIEFLY) IN THE PRESENT FORM THE accent is either Fixed, Shifting, or Optional. (A) The Fixed Accent.

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