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Page 64 - The day is thine, the night also is thine: thou hast prepared the light and the sun. Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.
Page 64 - A God very terrible in the council of the holy ones, And to be feared above all them that are round about him? O LORD God of hosts, who is a mighty one, like unto thee, O JAH? And thy faithfulness is round about thee.
Page 64 - Thou didst divide the sea by thy strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters. Thou brakest the heads of Leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.
Page 64 - Art thou not it that cut Rahab in pieces, That pierced the dragon ? Art thou not it which dried up the sea, The waters of the great deep ; That made the depths of the sea A way for the redeemed to pass over?
Page 36 - Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear: Should you not fear me?
Page 64 - Art thou not it which dried up the sea, The waters of the great deep ; That made the depths of the sea a way For the redeemed to pass over ? 11.
Page 85 - X thickness. Whenever the tablet (or fragment) varies in size, the largest measurement is given.
Page 21 - ... beasts of the field, the fowls of heaven and the fishes of the sea.
Page 85 - NAM-SAB-a ab-zi(g)-zi(g} = e-ri-ba i-di-ik-ki. Notice here the contrast in the nature of NIN-IB: he chases away or frightens, but also takes care! III. DESCRIPTION OF TABLETS. ABBREVIATIONS. CBM, Catalogue of the Babylonian Museum, University of Pennsylvania, prepared by Professor HV Hilprecht; cf., confer; col(s)., column(s); Exp., Expedition; f., following page; if., following pages; fragm(s)., fragment(s); inscr., inscription; 1 , line; 11., lines; LE, Left Edge; Lo.

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