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Page 245 - ... of nitrogen, penetrates into the cells of the lungs. This air is carried by the circulation to every part of the body, so that every part is inflated or puffed up with the air, as with water in dropsy. This state ceases, without pain, as soon as the entrance of the air through the wound is stopped.
Page 402 - ... or hydropathy. With that exaggeration which is incident to everything new, the first promoters of this system gave it out as a panacea "for all the ills that flesh is heir to.
Page 423 - Any person who shall have pursued a regular course of medical studies, according to the requirements of the existing medical institutions of our country...
Page cliv - ... tumors (leaving behind however a peculiar burning about the anus and sacrum); the catamenia came on sooner and in greater abundance than usual. A pregnant female who had taken at one dose a tea-spoonful of tincture of Colocynth, was affected in five hours with dysenteric bowel-complaint, with discharge of blood and a good deal of burning pain in the sacral region. There was associated with this considerable swelling of the labia with dragging pain and heat in the vagina. Tincture of opium removed...
Page 257 - ... are liable to lose the use of their limbs; but if the poisonous qualities abound more in the grain than in the stalk or the leaves, man, who eats nothing but the grain, must be more liable to suffer from the use of this food than beasts, which eat it merely as they eat grass or hay.
Page 452 - ... possesses the elements of cure for diseases accurately known (that is. investigated in all their symptoms); and he who will take the trouble to choose the remedy for a disease, by the rule of the most perfect similarity, will ever find in it a pure inexhaustible source, whence he may derive the means for saving the lives of his fellow-men.
Page 3 - ... errors in diet were not committed ! It were easy to run through a catalogue of similar acute diseases, and show that the restoration of persons who in the same disease were treated on wholly opposite principles could not be called cure, but a spontaneous recovery.
Page 247 - of these bodies is commonly said to be dynamic, that is, it accelerates, or retards, or alters, in some manner, the phenomena of motion in animal life. If we reflect that this action is exerted by substances which are material, tangible, and ponderable ; — that they disappear in the organism ; — that a double dose acts more powerfully than a single one ; — that, after a time, a fresh dose must be given if we wish to produce the action a second time ; all these considerations, viewed chemically,...
Page 257 - In 1833 the sad effects of this food began to manifest themselves. The younger part of the population of this and the surrounding villages, from the age of thirty downwards, began to be deprived of the use of their limbs below the waist by paralytic strokes, in all cases sudden, but in some cases more severe than in others.
Page 48 - should I occupy time by adducing more examples of a similar operation of medicines, since it is in the very nature of the thing that a medicine must produce a much greater effect when it is applied to a body already suffering under an affection similar to that which the medicine itself is capable of producing...

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