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Halaman 427 - Nederlandts, under the commission and control of their High Mightinesses, the Lords States General of the United Netherlands, and the privileged West India Company.
Halaman 356 - Reign. 1. WITH these our Instructions you will receive our Commission under our Great Seal of England, constituting you our Captain General and Governor in Chief of our Province of New- Jersey.
Halaman 355 - His Majesty taking the said Report into Consideration, was pleased with the Advice of his Privy Council to approve thereof, and to Order, as it is hereby Ordered, that the said Petition...
Halaman 140 - Rum does as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome: however, to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very good and Christian performance, but to prohibit them all strong liquors seems a little hard and. very turkish.
Halaman 380 - Sixth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, By the Grace of God...
Halaman 355 - Board a report made by the right honorable the lords of the committee of council for plantation affairs, dated the 17th of this instant, upon considering a representation from the lords...
Halaman 188 - COUDRE, and that of a widow who had six children, whither M. de MONTIGNY had been carried when wounded. All the rest were consumed. The lives of between fifty and sixty persons, old men, women and children, were spared, they having escaped the first fury of the attack.
Halaman 249 - ... said patentees and their associates, their heirs, successors, and assigns, rendering and paying such duties and acknowledgments as now are or hereafter shall be constituted and established by the laws of this government, under the obedience of his Royal highness, his heirs and successors.
Halaman 503 - Sept. 13th, 1748.] [1.] What is the situation of the Colony under your government, the nature of the country, soil and climate, the latitudes and longitudes of the most considerable places in it, or the neighbouring French or Spanish settlements ? Have those...
Halaman 514 - What Trade has the Province under your Government with any foreign Plantations or any part of Europe, besides Great Britain ? How is that Trade carried on ? What Commodities do the People under your Government send to or receive from Foreign Plantations...

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