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order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 1766 - Ephemerides

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Page 118 - INSTRUMENTS and OBSERVATIONS. • THE Obferver muft be furniihed -with a good Hadley's Quadrant, and a Watch that can be depended upon for keeping Time within a Minute for fix Hpurs.
Page 163 - Moon's right Afcenfion and Declination ferve alfo to compute the. Time from her Altitude obferved at the...
Page 156 - Hope i h . 13'. 33"=i8░. 23'. 15". fet down in the Bjitiih Mariner's Guide, is that of the Town; the Latitude alfo belongs to the fame; being both determined from the Obftrvations of Meffrs. Mafon and Dixon, who went thither under the Direction of the Royal Society, and obferved the Tranfit of Venus in the Year 1761. Hence, by the Help of the Charts, I find the Longitude of the Cape Point or Promontory 18░. 45'.
Page 165 - ... the Moon's Horns or longer Axis, or, which is the fame Thing, in the Line of the Moon's Ihorter Axis produced. The Star is always one of the brighteft, fo that there is little Danger of jniftaking another for it, if the preceding Directions are carefully obferved. The Time at Greenwich...
Page 149 - Declination must be found to the Time, given nearly, reduced to the Meridian of Greenwich, making Proportion according to the Daily Increase or Decrease, in like manner as was shown with respect to the Sun's Longitude.
Page 158 - When the Satellite is approaching towards Jupiter, the Figure is put between Jupiter and the Point; and when the Satellite is receding from Jupiter, the Figure is put on the other Side of the Point. The Satellites are in thefuperiqr Parts of their Orbits, or furtheft from the Earth, when they are marked to the right hand or Weft of Jupiter approaching him ; or to the left...
Page 156 - S. If thefe Determinations of the Situations of the Cape Point and Cape Falfo are in any refpefl uncertain, it arifes from the Imperfection of the Charts I was obliged to make ufe of, in reducing the Longitude and Latitude from the Cape Town to the Two mentioned Points: For from the near Agreement of the AbbeÚ delÓ Caille's Obfcrvations with thofe cf Meffrs.

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