Tabea's Story: True Story of Tabea Springer a Ww II German Army Nurse in Poland, a Hospital Train in Russia and During the Devestating End of War in Germany

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Fiction - 328 pages
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In 1970 Communist China desperately wanted to restore its influence in Africa. Tanzania offered the perfect location because it needed financing for a new railroad which would connect its aging line with landlocked Zambia. When all Western powers, the World Bank, and the Soviet Union backed off from financing the railroad and opted instead for an all-weather highway, Mao seized the opportunity and designated the money for the railroad.

That much is a matter of public record.

What has not been known until now because the CIA suppressed the facts is what happened when Deputy Chairman Lin Chang was assigned the job of evaluating China's vast expenditure. Armed with inside information on Chang's visit to Tanzania long before it became public knowledge, the CIA stunned the Tanzanian CIA station chief, Mike O'Hare, with an order no intelligence operative should ever receive.

With Mike's personal life already in turmoil, his beloved Tanzania promptly deteriorated into a living hell.

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