TabiVitton, Summer trip in 2016, 12th week

, 2017/02/13 - 139 ページ

Blog "TabiVitton" e-book format! "Summer trip in 2016, 12th week", this time I will deliver events from October 15 to October 21. My stay at Jozankei entered the 4th week. It was a warm day in the daytime recently, but it was a thunderstorm from the dawn on the passing of the cold front. It began to snow in the evening and a snowstorm at midnight. It's so cold that I can not sleep. Vitton wanders alone in a quiet late night spa town. Well, will I be able to endure the cold until morning?

Fri., Oct. 21, 2016 at 03:38 AM ... It is Vitton who is experiencing snow camping for the first time in Jozankei, south of Sapporo city, Hokkaido. It is very cold and can not sleep, sometimes frightened by the sound of the snow sliding down from the top of the tent and goes out of the tent. When I wandered with a blurred consciousness, the crucifix appeared before my eyes. Really! Is it? And, the singing voice of the hymns came to be heard. That's right. A passage of "Nearer, My God, to Thee" is ..., Really? to be continued


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