Tables for facilitating the approximate prediction of occultations and eclipses for any particular place

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Page 32 - Occultation, for being referable to the Moon and Star, as seen from the centre of the Earth, they are independent of geographical position, and serve equally for all places. It is only necessary to apply the difference of longitude from Greenwich to the Greenwich Mean Time of conjunction, to find the time of conjunction at any other meridian ; and it is this time to which the positions of...
Page iii - The Apparent places, at Greenwich Mean Midnight, of the Fixed Stars to the sixth magnitude inclusive, the occultations of which will take place above the horizon at Greenwich. 2. The Apparent Places of those Planets and all Stars to the fifth magnitude inclusive, the occultations of which will be visible at some part of the Earth. 3. The Greenwich Mean Time at which the Moon would, if viewed from the centre of the Earth, appear to have the same Right Ascension as the Star. 4. The difference of Declination...
Page 38 - F.; in the multiplication of decimals, point off as many places in the product as there are in the multiplicand and the multiplier; it is wrong to steal, etc.
Page vi - ... criticism. The work is divided into two parts. Part I. contains a mathematical explanation of the principles on which the rules and tables are founded, a tabular recapitulation of the formulae and examples illustrating their application...
Page iv - ... necessary directions for rendering available for any particular place the general information on the subject at present to be found in the tables given in the
Page 19 - ... further remarks. We shall conclude this paper with a tabular recapitulation of the formulae which relate to the phenomena for a particular place, in which eclipses of the Moon, for the sake of clearness, are given separately. The object of this table, like the former one for the general eclipse, is to simplify and expedite, by an easy reference, the actual operations of the computer.
Page 17 - For the times at any other place, it will only be necessary to take into account the différence of longitude. The positions of the points of contact on the limb of the Moon may be determined in the same manner as those of an Occultation, and will here be unnecessary. As A...
Page 15 - For the determination of the positions of the points of contact on the limb of the moon, it will be necessary to determine the value of the parallactic angle M', which may be done as follows : — Referring to the small triangle M
Page 33 - ... accelerate the occurrence of the occultation when the moon is east of the meridian, and...
Page 32 - ... it can only be very partial, and will, therefore, be illadapted for the ultimate determination of the longitude, if that should be the object of the computer in preparing his list.

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