Tabular Views of Universal History: A Series of Chronological Tables Presenting, in Parallel Columns, a Record of the More Noteworthy Events in the History of the World from the Earliest Times Down to the Present Day, Together with an Alphabetical Index of Subjects

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Putnam's Sons, 1916 - Chronology, Historical - 423 pages
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Page 128 - The doctrines of Luther opposed by Henry, in his book on the Seven Sacraments — he receives the title of "Defender of the Faith.
Page 76 - Venice founded 814 800. The pope separates from the Eastern Empire, and becomes supreme bishop of the Western. Charlemagne reforms the Church. Many bishoprics founded — Great increase of monastic institutions, 809. Synod at Aix-la-Chapelle under direction of Charlemagne adopts the Filioqtie, but Pope Leo dissents.
Page 68 - Servorum Dei. He advances greatly the claims of the bishops of Rome and is practically ruler of that city. 597. St. Augustine introduces Christianity into Britain. 604. Pope Sabinian. 607. Pope Boniface III. made supreme head of the church by Phocas. Pope Boniface IV. The Pantheon at Rome dedicated to God, the Virgin, and the Saints.
Page 73 - ... Thierry IV. king of France. Leo, Eastern emperor, attempts to procure the assassination of the Pope. The Romans defend him. 725 Increasing power, temporal and spiritual, of the Pope. Dark period of European literature. The Arabs invade Constantinople by land with 120,000 men and by sea with 1,800 ships. The city is saved by the Greek fire, the Arab fleet being almost entirely destroyed. France. Charles Martel crosses the Rhine and subdues Bavaria. 726 Image worship being forbidden by the emperor...
Page 79 - Wedmore. 845. The Normans plunder Hamburg, and penetrate into Germany. 846. The Saracens destroy the Venetian fleet, and besiege Rome. 847. Al Mottawakkel. caliph. 849. Saracens defeated by the pope's allies. 860. Gorm the Elder unites Jutland and the Danish Isles, and becomes king of Denmark. 861. Iceland discovered by the Northmen. 862 (traditional). Russia: — Rurik, first grand prince. 868. Egypt throws off its dependence on the caliphs, under Ahmed. 872. Norway : — Harold Haarfagr makes himself...
Page 204 - Catholic ecclesiastics, wearing the habits of their orders, have exercised the rites and ceremonies of the Roman Catholic religion in highways and places of public resort...

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