Taking Back Hedy

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"Taking Back Hedy" is a true story about love and human triumph that unfolds as a woman's endless love for her children obligates her to stay in a marriage of forty-six years. Helen (aka Hedy) reveals her tremendous strength, courage and truth as she is able to stand in her power during times that would normally break someone in half. While in the U.S. Air Force, her verbally abusive husband admits to having had affairs with other women.

In the fifteenth year of her marriage, completely taken by fate, she meets her soul mate, Bill Vann; a married man with a beautiful spirit. They experience love at first sight, have an affair but with gut-wrenching heartbreak, stay in their marriages; never knowing if they will ever see each other again. Twenty-nine years later, she receives a letter from the daughter she so painfully gave up for adoption. It is her daughter who brings her biological parents together for a timeless and passionate reunion that encompasses a lifetime. As the anchor to the family she refers to as The Circle of Love, she is left with exposing her true love story to her three full-grown children.

Helen takes back her childhood name, "Hedy" and empowers herself to experience freedom and possibly her long-awaited, postponed love with Bill. The airport reunions leave crowds of spectators watching in celebration as Hedy leaps into Bill's arms and wraps her legs around his waist! Today, both in their mid-seventies they are married and just as in love as they were when they first met! About the Author:

Hedy married Blake Hayward at the age of sixteen. Having lost her mother at age twelve and left with a father that was both uncaring and mean, life offered her little else but to find that right man and get married. Blake was a handsome Air Force sergeant and though he was lacking in many of the social graces, she decided to take him on.

Within the first four to five months of her marriage to Blake, the struggle began. She knew he was not the person she had dreamed about but she believed in time she could fall in love with him and make life good for them and an eventual family. With that belief in mind, she began to educate herself in ways to stick with what she had begun. After all, he was a handsome catch and how could she ever do any better? Hedy presented herself with plenty of class but she had grown up this far in a very poor family. At age sixteen with no guidance, she was determined to be a confident lady. Her youth and inexperience caused her to think her decision to be Blake's wife could not be reversed. The mirror told her she was pretty but he didn't reinforce that belief. She was intelligent and perhaps way too damn good for this arrogant jerk. They were one year into the marriage and she could never have imagined what fortitude it would require to stay the course of keeping her family together.

At age sixty, having done well by her family, Hedy determines to reclaim the life she left behind at age sixteen. "Sure enough, the world does not collide with the sun if you make a life altering decision to better your world. May her life bring encouragement to others "

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