Tales from Watership Down

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Richard Adams was born in England in 1920. Fifty-two years later he stunned the literary world with his very first published novel; a story that evolved out of one he invented to entertain his two daughters during long car trips. And what a novel it was: an epic tale of danger, adventure, and hair-breadth escapes; a poignant and inspiring story of courage, loyalty and dedication featuring a large cast of complex, believable, utterly enthralling, and truly unforgettable characters...who just happened to be rabbits.

Adam's "Watership Down" made publishing history. A #1 international bestseller in hardcover and paperback, it remains an immortal classic -- and it was only the first in a long succession of highly praised works by this accomplished author. As he did so successfully in his remarkable literary debut, Adams viewed the failings and perilous follies of humanity through the eyes of animals in The Plague Dogs (1977) and again in Traveler (1988). His sweeping allegorical adventure Shardik (1974) and colorfully, provocatively sensuous epic Maia (1984) each transported readers to the a richly imagined Beklan Empire, immersing them in a singular world plagued by ignorance, superstition, and by senseless brutalities not unlike our own. With The Girl in a Swing (1980), he masterfully combined love story with ghost story to brilliant dramatic effect. In addition, he has contributed to numerous anthologies, and has written several works of nonfiction, including his 1991 autobiography The Day Gone By.

In 1996, Richard Adams finally returned to the province -- and to the heroes -- of his earliest triumph. An Avon paperback publication for March 1998, "Tales From Watership Down" -- thelong-awaited sequel to the beloved original -- has earned kudos from the national critics and the dedication of devoted fans who are thrilled to be back among old friends at last.

When he is not writing, Richard Adams enjoys gardening with his wife, Elizabeth, at their home in the South of England. It is a fitting pastime for a "late bloomer" whose work has greatly enriched the world's literary garden.

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著者について (1998)

Richard George Adams was born in Newbury, England on May 9, 1920. He enrolled at the University of Oxford in 1938, but his studies were interrupted by World War II. During the war, he served with the British airborne forces in the Middle East and India. After the war, he returned to Oxford and received a degree in history in 1948. He joined the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and worked his way up over 20 years to a senior post in the clean-air section of the environmental department. He retired in 1974 to become a full-time writer. His first his novel, Watership Down, was published in 1972. It received the Carnegie Medal in Literature in 1972 and the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize in 1973. His other books include Shardik, The Plague Dogs, Traveller, and Tales from Watership Down. He also wrote an autobiography entitled The Day Gone By. He died on December 24, 2016 at the age of 96.