Target Washington: The Search for Osama Bin Laden

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AuthorHouse, Apr 30, 2009 - Fiction - 152 pages
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This book, "Target Washington," is based upon a couple assumptions. The first assumption being that many events foretold here are based upon real and hard facts. However, it was necessary to put a slight twist within some of these facts in order not to unwittingly endanger National Security. Back during the Vietnam war I had proudly served in the United States Air Force. A brief overview of what my mission statement was was that I would train the South Vietnamese officers combat mission control of targeting and directing fighter interceptors to down enemy targets. I was one of the IPS Airman (Interceptor Pilot Simulator) that conducted military training for select Vietnamese officers during the Vietnam war, holding up to a Top Secret clearance with the Air Force. So, the military is the right hand of this civilian government, no matter what one may think. And it has been my privilege to have been involved with government projects at various intervals in my life, from being sworn in as "Secretary of the Democratic Party" in Hernando County Florida by the then Judge Karen Thurman, whom is now a Congresswoman, and campaigning for Rep. Graham back in the eighty's to the grassroots efforts of the Obama Campaign for the Presidency. So, with that being said, it is within this second assumption that when a real team of operatives were sent out to seek and destroy their target, Osama Bin Laden... what actually happened? And with Sam Haggard, the main character in this book, he reflects the brightness of his dedication and professional greatness, like his father, he got the job done when his country most depended upon him! But through a series of event's, the U.S. government finds a way to screw him over! It's time for revenge! You be the judge!

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About the author (2009)

In Professor Milcripts work he displays a flair for the inundaned and some of the most tragic display and brutally honest pictures of the human psyche. Through his personal experience and research of other unfortuante human beings condemed to the tragic loss of their dignity and respect due to the abuse of local, state and federal governments, here you can judge for yourself the secrets of this government as it relates to the everyday life of middle class America, "The Americans." We, as Americans, enjoy MUCH less freedom than we did even fifty years ago as this author has witnessed, experienced and catalogized events as they have unveiled themselves to us and will decend upon the great people of this country. It is in the best interest of the American people to not make the mistake that this, or any government will act in their best interest or even take care of you to the end if it doesn't exact a profit for the few rich and powerful. In the end, the possiblity endures that this government will make concessions that only serves in THEIR best interest! And, if by chance you benefit, well... you were just lucky, I guess.

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