Tarr and McMurry's Geographies: Home geography

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Page vi - ... for later study. Definitions, however, are not relied upon for giving the child this extra knowledge, but detailed descriptions and discussions instead. This by no means involves neglect of the child's own environment from the time the unfamiliar matter is introduced, for throughout the geographies home experiences are frequently used. We believe that our plan gives a fuller guarantee of fitness for advanced study than has heretofore been furnished. RELATIONSHIP TO MANKIND. — According to the...
Page 105 - The two stars on the edge of the Dipper point toward the North Star. It is so bright that it can be easily picked out, and it is always to the north of us. One can also find direction by the help of the sun ; for twice a year, about March twenty-first and September twenty-first, it rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west.
Page 21 - Suppose that we are making such a journey. We start early in the morning so as to have a long day. Each of us carries a few light articles, but the guides and porter carry most, for they are strong and used to climbing.
Page 22 - A guide takes his place in front of us. and often tells us to stop while he goes ahead to examine the way. It may be that the snow has bridged over and hidden a deep and narrow chasm, and if we were to step upon this snow bridge, we might break through and fall a hundred feet or more. Sometimes the guides lift us over a dangerous place; and when it is steep or slippery, they fasten all the members of the party together with ropes...
Page 22 - But if it is a clear day and there are no clouds clinging to the mountain sides below us, we may be able to look down into the beautiful green valleys only a few miles away. There the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming, and men working in the fields are complaining of the heat.
Page ii - Louisiana 30 cents Texas 35 cents When ordering, be careful to specify the Book or Part and the Series desired, and whether with or without the State Supplement.

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