Tarr and McMurry's Geographies: North America

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Page 342 - Hemp is made from the fibre of a wild plantain, which so closely resembles the banana that an inexperienced person cannot easily tell the two apart. In order to obtain the fibre, the plant is cut and allowed to wilt for a short time, then drawn between a block of wood and a knife, in order to scrape the pulp away. The fibre is spread for several hours in the sun to dry, and then pressed into bales for shipping. Since the work is crudely done by natives, without the aid of machinery, about 40 per...
Page 42 - Fio. 39. The dotted arrows show the direction the trade winds would take if the earth's rotation did not deflect them to the left in the southern hemisphere and to the right in the northern. By deflection they are turned as indicated by the other arrows.
Page 350 - Britain ; but in 1867 these were united to form the DOMINION OF CANADA. Each of the seven provinces — Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia — now has a government of its own, as our states have ; but by their union they also have a central government with the capital at OTTAWA, which corresponds to our capital at Washington. Besides these provinces, there are four organized territories : Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Athabasca;...
Page v - In order to remedy this defect as far as possible, each subject of such a kind is presented with as much detail as space permits, and in connection with that section of country in which it seems most prominent. For example, lumbering, fishing, and the manufacture of cloth, boots, and shoes receive their most detailed treatment in connection with New England ; the mining of coal and iron ore and the manufacture of iron goods are discussed in connection with the Middle Atlantic States ; and gold mining,...

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