Tarr and McMurry's Geographies: The earth as a whole

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Page 217 - St. Peter's Cathedral on the left, and the Vatican, the residence of the Pope, on the right. VENICE, at the head of the Adriatic Sea, is another interesting city. It is built upon many islands joined by hundreds of bridges, and its chief streets are canals, where boats, called gondolas, are...
Page 151 - She might have inquired the meaning of "relief;" or have turned to the relief map opposite — which was small; or to the better map two pages further over; or to the wall map hanging, rolled up, in front of the class. But...
Page 260 - Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Philippine Islands . . . Porto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Total.
Page 263 - Saginaw, Mich. . . . St. Louis, Mo St. Paul, Minn. . . . Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco, Cal. . Savannah, Ga Scranton, Pa Seattle, Wash Sitka, Alaska .... Spokane, Wash.
Page 262 - NH . Manila, Philippines Memphis, Tenn. Milwaukee, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. Mobile, Ala. . Newark, NJ New Bedford, Mass. New Haven, Conn. . New Orleans, La. . New York, NY . Norfolk, Va.
Page 279 - There is an advanced and modernized phase of it, however, which the majority of the committee prefer to designate physiography, not because the name is important, but because it emphasizes a special and important phase of the subject and of its treatment. The scientific investigations of the last decade have made very important additions to physiographic knowledge and methods of study- These are indeed so radical as to be properly regarded, perhaps, as revolutionary.
Page 279 - The majority of the Conference wish to impress upon the attention of the teachers the fact that there has been developed within the past decade a new and most important phase of the subject, and to urge that they hasten to acquaint themselves with it and bring it into the work of the school-room and of the field.
Page 165 - Not only do the persons living in the interior produce great quantities of goods to be shipped away, but they require others to be shipped in. Much of their food and also the cotton, wool, and hides must be brought to them.
Page 112 - Indians; but instead of that he had discovered Cuba and other islands near the coast of North America; a continent and large ocean still lay between him and India. These newly discovered lands became known as the New World, to distinguish them from the Old World, where all white men then lived. FIG. 92. Columbus landing in America and taking possession of it in the name of the king of Spain. After Columbus returned in safety, other men dared to explore the New World. One of them, named Magellan,...

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