Tartarin of Tarascon: Traveller, "Turk", and Lion-hunter

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G. Routledge, 1887 - 245 pages

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Page 245 - who was red with pleasure ; and followed by his camel, surrounded by the cap-hunters, acclaimed by all the population, he placidly proceeded towards the Baobab Villa; and, on the march, thus commenced the account of his mighty hunting : " Once upon an evening, you are to imagine that, out in the depths of the Sahara
Page 30 - candles. These musical parades seemed beneath him. Nevertheless, at whiles, when there was a harmonic party at Bezuquet's, he would drop into the chemist's shop as if by chance, and, after a deal of pressure, consent to do the grand duo in Robert le Diable with old Madame
Page 237 - Tarascon again ! MID-DAY has come. The Zouave had her steam up, ready to go. Upon the balcony of the Valentin Cafe", high above, the officers were levelling telescopes, and, with the colonel at their head, looking at the lucky little craft that was going back to France. This is the main distraction of the staff. On the lower level, the
Page 228 - Profiting by a jam of vehicles, he turned off into the fields and jumped into a ditch. In a minute or so he saw over his head on the highway the camel flying off with long
Page 27 - The general glance protracted upon the good town. AFTER the craze for sporting, the lusty Tarascon race cherishes one for love ballad-singing. There's no believing what a quantity of ballads is used up in that little region. All the sentimental stuff turning into sere and yellow leaves in the oldest portfolios, are to be found in full pristine lustre in Tarascon. Ay, the entire
Page 48 - with anise-seed, which would set Sancho-Tartarin off on the broad grin, and into a laugh that drowned the shouts of Quixote-Tartarin. Thus it came about that Tartarin of Tarascon never had left Tarascon.
Page 222 - where all was deposited with the law-courts receiver. There issued a long and alarming case ! After the Algeria of the native tribes which he had overrun, Tartarin of Tarascon became thence acquainted with another Algeria, not less weird and to be dreaded—the Algeria in the towns, surcharged with lawyers and their papers. He got to know the pettifogger who does business at the back of a
Page 232 - That's how he only knew one part of the town." " Hey ? Of course. Tarascon—a jail bird's-eye view from the state prison. I tell you, my poor Monsieur Tartarin, you have to keep your peepers jolly well skinned in this deuce of a country, or be exposed to very disagreeable things. For a sample, there's the
Page 34 - when Tartarin came home from hunting on Sunday evenings, with his cap on the muzzle of his gun, and his fustian shooting-jacket belted in tightly, the sturdy river-lightermen would respectfully bob, and blinking towards the huge biceps swelling out his arms, would mutter among one another in admiration : " Now, there's a powerful chap if you like ! he has
Page 202 - porters from this evening forward," said the prince, trying without success to melt a cake of compressed meat in an improved patent triple-bottomed saucepan. " There is, haply, an Arab trader quite near here. The best thing to do is to stop there, and buy some donkeys.

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