Tea and Coffee: Their Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Effects on the Human System

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Fowlers and Wells, 1836 - Coffee - 99 pages

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Page 70 - As a medicine, strong coffee is a powerful stimulant and cordial, and, in paroxysms of the asthma, is one of the best remedies; but it should be very strong, and made with almost as much coffee as water.
Page 92 - Happy would it be for suffering man," says Dr. Combe, " could he see beforehand the great amount of punishment which his multiplied aberrations from the laws of physiology are sure to bring upon him. But as, in the great majority of instances, the breach of the law is limited in extent, and becomes serious by the frequency of its repetition, rather than by a single act ; so is the punishment gradual in its infliction, and slow in manifesting its accumulated effect...
Page 60 - Every care vanishes when the cup-bearer presents the delicious chalice. It will circulate fleetly through thy veins, and will not rankle there : if thou doubtest this, contemplate the youth and beauty of those who drink it. Grief cannot exist where it grows ; sorrow humbles itself in obedience before its powers. " Coffee is the drink of God's people ; in it is health. Let this be the answer to those who doubt its qualities. In it will we drown our adversities, and in its fire consume our sorrows.
Page 60 - God has deprived fools of coffee, who with invincible obstinacy condemn it as injurious. " Coffee is our' gold, and in the place of its libations we are in the enjoyment of the best and noblest society. Coffee is even as innocent a drink as the purest milk, from which it is only distinguished by its color.
Page 29 - Dr. Combe, in his work on Digestion and Dietetics, observes, that " when made very strong, or taken in large quantity, especially late in the evening, they (tea and coffee) not only ruin the stomach, but very seriously derange the health of the brain and nervous system.
Page 92 - Besides, the actual amount of harm done is not the only test of the injury of a thing, especially by Christians. We have something else to do besides doing, no_ harm . An inspired apostle has said, that whether we eat or drink, or whatsoever we do, all should be done to the glory of God. Do we use tea or coffee to the glory of God?
Page 30 - Not a case of sick headache," says Dr. Burdell, of New York, " has ever occurred within my knowledge, except with the drinkers of narcotic drinks, (meaning tea and coffee,) and not a case has failed of cure, on the entire renunciation of these drinks.
Page 63 - They cannot wait until the smoke of the infernal regions surrounds them, but encompass themselves with smoke of their own accord, and .drink a poison which God made black, that it might bear the devil's color.
Page 52 - Eating voraciously, or to excess, 'f says Dr. Beaumont; " swallowing food coarsely masticated, or too fast; the introduction of solid pieces of meat suspended by cords into the stomach, or of muslin bags of aliment secured in the same way, almost invariably produce similar effects, if repeated a number of times in close succession.
Page 22 - I may add here, that the mind does not escape, but partakes of the disorders of the body, as is seen by the temper becoming peevish and irritable, so as to render the sufferer a torment to himself, and all those about him.

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