Teachers' Manual to Accompany Frye's Geographies

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Ginn & Company, 1900

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Page 225 - States boundary; on the west by the Rocky Mountains; on the north by the northern branch of the Saskatchewan ; on the east by Lake Winnipeg, the Lake of the Woods and the waters connecting them ; 7.
Page 36 - Hatteras, and from the mouth of the Mississippi to the mouth of the Mackenzie.
Page 132 - ... the plane of its orbit. The sun is vertical at the tropic of Cancer at the time of the summer solstice, and at the tropic of Capricorn at the time of the winter solstice. The parallels just touched by the circle of illumination at the time of the solstices are the polar circles. They are as far from the poles as the tropics are from the equator. They are therefore in latitude about 66^.
Page 28 - ... might look pretty if they did not serve to remind us of a great waste of time and energy. Pupils should be trained to draw carefully such parts of a map as .are worth remembering.
Page 4 - ... animals have lived and multiplied upon the land and in the water. XXII. Have you visited the beach or seashore ? Most parts of the sea near the land are shallow. Far from the shores the sea is in many places two miles deep, and in some places the bottom is four or five miles below the surface. No sunshine reaches the deep parts of the sea. The deep water is always cold and dark. XXIII. Plants and animals live on the land. Seaweeds, fish, and many curious creatures abound in the shallow waters...
Page 172 - As a rule we may say that religions and governments are race or ethnic characteristics ; thus, the Malays are Mohammedans, having absolute monarchies ; the Negroes are idol worshippers, having the tribal government ; the Mongolians are largely Buddhists, having absolute monarchies ; the Indians are idol worshippers, having the tribal government ; the white race is in branches, — the Aryans professing Christianity and having constitutional monarchies or republics, while the Semites believe in Mohammed...
Page 89 - ... pupils who are to leave school at an early age, than the detailed knowledge of the political geography of any country or group of countries." Do you agree with the quotation? Why? Answer fully? 4. Of what countries is wheat one of the chief exports? 5. Of what commercial value would the Nicaraugau...

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