Teaching Kids the Fun Way

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Education - 112 pages

Warning! Read this book at your own risk. Upon reading it, some readers may be afraid to visit doctors or hospitals for the rest of their lives. However, other readers might die laughing as they indulge themselves to the variety of the many interesting and scaring subjects that they will read about. If you're planning to visit a doctor or hospital, you should read this book before taking that major step that will probably change your life. If your decision is to go ahead with that visit, let us hope that you don't run into some of the bad doctors and hospitals mentioned in this story. If you ever had any kind of bad experience as a result of visiting a doctor or hospital, or if you ever heard of anyone else who had a bad experience, you should definitely read this book.

This story, although fictional, has been comically exaggerated. However, there is a great deal of reality, and some readers will find it very convincing, especially if they had similar experiences as the ones stated in this book. The story deals with the daily occurrences in certain doctors' offices, as well as certain hospitals in a major metropolitan city in the Northeast of The United States. You will see the worst treatments performed by the worst doctors. However, later on in the story, you will also see the best treatments offered by the best doctors.

The story contains a generous amount of extremely grim occurrences, but it also contains a great deal of generosity and compassion. You will see that there are some people in this story who went out of their way to do the right thing. You will also see that there are numerous people who kept the promises that they made to others when they were in need.

If this story changes the life of only one person for the better, even for a brief moment, then it was worth writing this book.

The names used in this story have been chosen by the author as a description of each person or place involved. Actual names were not used in order to protect the innocent and the guilty. It may take some readers a little time to accept the names, but after they have accepted them, they will find the story extremely enjoyable and very interesting. Some readers may find it to be a very valuable and educational account of situations that they should avoid.


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