Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy

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Palgrave Macmillan, 7 בדצמ׳ 2001 - 282 עמודים
From New York to San Francisco, Times Square to the Tenderloin, graffiti artists, young people, radical environmentalists, and the homeless clash with police on city streets in an attempt take back urban spaces from the developers and "disneyfiers". Drawing on more than a decade of first-hand research, this lively account goes inside the worlds of street musicians, homeless punks, militant bicycle activists, high-risk "BASE jump" parachutists, skateboarders, outlaw radio operators, and hip hop graffiti artists, to explore the day-to-day skirmishes in the struggle over public life and public space.

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hard to get into since the writing is a bit dry. a good read though. קרא סקירה מלאה


Wild in the Streets
Taking Back the Streets
We Want the Airwaves Baby
The Towering Inferno
Open City
N o T E s
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JEFF FERRELL is Professor of Criminal Justice at Northern Arizona University. He is the foremost practitioner of ethnographic criminology, a field he pioneered. Ferrell has received awards from the American Criminological Association for his research. His acclaimed and widely-reviewed books include Crimes of Style, Cultural Criminology, and Ethnography at the Edge.

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