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Page 10-123 - Access to the test item is provided by a sheltered structure which may be rolled into place around the tower. A complete system of antenna range instrumentation allows measurement of spherical coverage of the antenna pattern in polar, rectangular, or digital form. The digital data may be recorded on paper tape.
Page 10-129 - A wide selection of coaxial and waveguide components such as precision attenuators, isolators, and phase shifters is available. Location of impedance discontinuities in a cable or component can be accomplished by the use of time domain reflectometers.
Page 10-123 - The area in which the antenna is mounted is covered by a large radome. @PThe 400 ft. antenna range is used for measurement of antenna radiation patterns over the frequency range from 100 MHz to 60 GHz. The range length and transmitting antenna height may be adjusted for optimum test conditions. The modeling tower is constructed of dielectric material for minimum disturbance of measurements. The tower supports the model being tested 20 ft. above ground level. Access to the test item is provided by...
Page 10-139 - The gyro and accelerometer test stations are mounted directly on the block or on granite piers which are rigidly grouted to the block. Eight of these piers are available in this area.
Page 10-27 - ... Spacecraft The ESSA APT spacecraft weighs approximately 130 kilograms and carries two APT cameras. The satellites are launched into an 0900 local sun time (descending node) orbit. The nominal power available from the solar array is 53 watts, with an average of 28 watts per orbit required for eight pictures. The APT subsystem consists of a camera and transmitter combination designed to transmit slow-scan television pictures of the cloud cover below the satellite. Transmission is automatic and...
Page 10-17 - The primary components are the altitude simulation chamber, vacuum pump group, cryogenics, and a gas-handling system for the flow medium. The facility is equipped with instrumentation and a 40-channel computer-controlled data acquisition system for acquiring data on temperature, pressure, and force.
Page 10-411 - X-ray unit. The small vault is constructed of 12-in. concrete-filled block walls lined with 3/32-in. lead. lt is 13 ft long x 9 ft wide x 10 ft high. The vault will accommodate only articles which can be handcarried; it is certified for use of a 100-kV X-ray unit. The darkroom and film evaluation room contain an automatic film processor capable of developing exposed X-ray film up to 14 in. wide at 10 in./min. Total usable area is 448 ft2. FAClLlTY LOCATlON FAClLlTY NUMBER FAClLlTY NAME FUNCTlONAL...
Page 10-63 - The chamber provides an optical propagation path which is free of turbulence effects from the atmosphere. The pressure is controllable and the chamber can be filled with various types of gases for the study of absorption. There are rooms at both ends of the tube with the vacuum controls, optical tables, etc., for construction of various optical experiments. The exterior of the chamber is foam insulated for thermal stability and is structurally isolated from the building. The floor area at either...
Page 10-125 - Models or test devices up to 12 ft. in diameter may be supported on the 15 ft. tower in the chamber. The control room located underneath the tapered end of the chamber is equipped with a complete antenna pattern measurement system. Pattern data may be recorded in polar, rectangular, or digital formats.
Page 10-98 - Research, development, and calibration of force sensors such as load cells, strain gages, and pressure transducers lNlTlAL COST ACCUM.

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