Technologisches wörterbuch in englischer und deutscher sprache: th. Deutsch-englisch

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F. Vieweg und sohn, 1884 - Engineering
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Page 87 - Mai.) to spare, to leave a space open; (Vergold.) to cover with a composition the parts which are not to be deadened. Aussparung,/. (Vergold.) composition with which the parts not to be deadened are covered during the deadening; covering with this composition, protecting. Ausspitzen, vn (Bgb.) to decrease, to dwindle, to disappear. Ausspitzung, /. eines Flötzes, (Bgb.) ¡/'••¡¡"¡Ни;/ away.
Page 511 - ... coincides with the geographical One of these lines, called the American agone, is in the Western Hemisphere, and the other, or Asiatic, is in the Eastern Hemisphere. Although they extend from south to north, they do not coincide with the meridians, but intersect them...
Page 353 - Unit of weight, the weight of a cubic centimeter of water at a temperature of 4 degrees centigrade. Ques. What is a centimeter? Ans. The unit of length, one thousandth millionth part of a quadrant of the earth's surface. Ques. What is a coulomb? Ans. Unit of quantity — quantity of current which, impelled by one volt would pass through one ohm in one second. Ques. What is a joule?
Page 174 - All the threads of the warp which form the breadth of the pattern in fancy-weaving.
Page 502 - Auftragen ea, die Farbe oder Schwärze auf die Form (Buchdr.) To distribute the ink, la ink the types.
Page 459 - ... etc., of diverse origin and usage. Platinum, Pt, is a silvery white metal with a gray tinge, which does not oxidize on heating. It melts at 1753° C., which renders it useful for heating to high temperatures, as in laboratory ware. Platinum is insoluble in all single acids but soluble in aqua regia, a mixture of 3 parts of hydrochloric acid and 1 part of nitric acid. It occurs free and also as sperrylite, Pt As2.
Page 43 - Pfahle — , (Wasserb.) to shoe piles, to tip piles with iron, to nail shoes to piles. Anschüren, va das Feuer — , (Hüttenw. etc.) to stir, to stir up, to stoke, to poke the fire. Anschuss, m. (Chem.) crystallization; — , Ausbeute,/, an kry etallisirtem Zucker, Produkt, ». (Zuckerf.) crop of sugar; erster — , erstes Produkt, n.
Page 167 - Segeltuch, (Seew.) bolt of canvass; — Seide, knot, head of silk, bundle of skeins; — Tafelglas, (Glasm.) bundle of glass -panes (4 — Spanes, according to their size). Bund.... — auge, n. (Web.) small square of design -paper , formed by the crossing of the cords and lashes; — axt, /. (Zimm.) carpenter's smoothing-axe, jointhook shaped axe; — balken, mv Bindebalken; — eisen, n.
Page 232 - Zapfen — und vernageln, to mortise and treenail a tenon, to bolt a tenon into its mortise.
Page 213 - ... with holes for the joining-pin ; Middle-bit ; Get. Bite. (Printing.) An imperfect portion of an impression, owing to the frisket overlapping a portion of the form and keeping the ink from so much of the paper. Bite-in. (Engraving.) The process of corroding .) an etched plate. See ETCHING. Bit-key. A key adapted for the permutation Fig.

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