Teh biennial report, Volume 25

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Page 46 - An appeal must be taken within three days from service of said notice, and shall act as a stay of proceedings until it is heard and decided. When the commissioner of agriculture, or the person or persons appointed by him, shall...
Page 96 - It can be used at any desired strength without serious injury to the foliage; (2) It is visible wherever used, as it forms a whitish coating on the leaves; (3) It has adhesive qualities, given it, probably, by the acetate of lead, and therefore remains on the leaves for a much longer period than Paris green.
Page 52 - We do hereby certify that we have examined the accounts and vouchers of the treasurer, and find them correct; and that the balance in his hands is twenty-four dollars and sixty-three cents.
Page 83 - The varieties of apples are more inclined to be sterile to their own pollen than the pears. With the former, in the great majority of cases, no fruit resulted from self-pollination.
Page 46 - Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: Section 1. There is hereby created a...
Page 96 - Although nearly all poisons known to us which can be used as insecticides have been experimented with during the past five years, in the hope that something would be found which would prove fatal to the gypsy moth, only one which is more effective than Paris green has been discovered. This is arsenate...
Page 97 - ... found in every grocery and drug shop) in two gallons of water. Boil these materials in any iron pot not used for other purposes. Boil for fifteen minutes, or till the arsenic dissolves, leaving only a small muddy sediment. Put this solution into a two-gallon jug and label ' Poison — stock material for spraying mixture.
Page 45 - Indeed 8 of the Reclamation Act provides as we have seen that 'the right to the use of water acquired under the provisions of this Act shall be appurtenant to the land irrigated, and beneficial use shall be the basis, the measure, and the limit of the right.' We have then a direction by Congress to the Secretary of the Interior to proceed in conformity with state laws in appropriating water for irrigation purposes. We have a compliance with that direction. Pursuant to that procedure individual...
Page 37 - Every person making or manufacturing cider vinegar shall brand on one head of the cask, barrel, or keg, containing such cider vinegar, the name and residence of the manufacturer and the words cider vinegar; and any person or manufacturer who brands any cask, barrel, keg or other vessel with the name of cider vinegar, which contains any liquid other than pure cider vinegar, shall upon conviction be •: in ii not less than $50 nor more than $100 for each barrel, cask, keg or other vessel so branded.
Page 83 - Columbia, De la Chene, Doyenne, Sieulle, Easter, Gansel's Bergamotte, Gray Doyenne, Howell, Jones, Lawrence, Louise Bonne, Mount Vernon, Pound, Sheldon, Souvenir du Congress, Superfin, Colonel Wilder and Winter Nelis.

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