Telegraph secondary cell installations: A practical work on the charging and management of accumulators. One hundred illustrations

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G. Pitman, 1906 - Science - 178 pages

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Page 90 - The Specific Gravity of a substance is the ratio of its weight to that of an equal volume of water.
Page 179 - ... Boat Building for Amateurs. By Dixon Kemp. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged, containing full instructions for Designing and Building Punts, Skiffs, Canoes and Sailing Boats, etc. Fully Illustrated with working diagrams. Postage 3d. ... ... ... ... ... 2s. 6d. Amateur's Companion to the Workshop. Being a Collection of Practical Articles and Suggestions for the use of Amateur Workers, with some details as to construction of Electrical and other Models and Apparatus. Illustrated. Postage Sd.|...
Page 108 - ... Battery is manufactured by the Electric Storage Battery Co., of Philadelphia, chiefly for electric vehicle duty. The plates are of the Faure type, and consist of lead-antimony grids (about 5 per cent antimony) pasted with oxides of lead. The grid for the positive plate is of the cage type, consisting of thin vertical ribs, the edges of which are flush with the faces of the plate, and connected by small bars of a triangular cross section ; the bars on one face are staggered with respect to those...
Page 181 - A Practical Work, pleasantly written, forming an Easy Guide for the Beginner in Camera Work. This book is an attempt to encourage the would-be photographer by pointing out to him that photography is not a difficult and need not be an expensive hobby. The author gives the necessary instruction in a clear and simple manner, and steers clear of all ambiguities and non -essentials.
Page 179 - The bow cannot possibly stand always bent, Nor can human nature subsist without recreation.
Page 153 - It is, of course, a matter of the greatest importance that the word "orderly" be emphasized in this connection. It is axiomatic that membership in the family of nations carries with it responsibilities to the group. It is a matter of vital importance that this be known and accepted by emerging peoples.
Page 181 - We find it just the thing to put into the hands of amateurs. Pleasantly written, it progresses gradually from one step to another, pointing out difficulties, and in plain language telling the beginner now to overcome them.
Page 44 - EMF gradually rises to a positive maximum at 90, falls to zero at 180, rises to a negative maximum at 270, to fall to zero at 360.
Page 108 - These ribs are connected by small horizontal bars of triangular cross-section, the base of the triangle being at the face of the plate.
Page 155 - ... the cells, and may not commence to rise for a considerable time after charging has started.

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