Temper: A Comedy in Five Acts; as Represented at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, on May 17th

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Page 34 - It is true. Sharp says it's a bargain. Stout. Well, my dear friend Hopkins, member for Groginhole, can't live another month — but the interests of mankind forbid regret for individuals ! The patriot Popkins intends to start for the borough the instant Hopkins is dead ! — your interest will secure his election ! — now is your time ! put yourself forward in the march of enlightenment ! - By all that is bigoted, here comes Glossmore ! SCENE II.
Page 36 - I've a brother-in-law who takes the chair at the vestry, and who assures me confidentially he'd consent to be speaker for half the money ! Gloss. Enough, Mr. Stout. — Mr. Evelyn has too much at stake for a leveller.
Page 4 - The same with your education. I never grudged anything to make a show — never stuffed your head with histories and homilies; but you draw, you sing, you dance. you walk well into a room; and that's the way young ladies are educated nowadays, in order to become a pride to their parents, and a blessing to their husband — that is, when they have caught him. Apropos of a husband: you know we thought of Sir Frederick Blount.
Page 40 - I ceased to care what became of me. At last I submitted to be the poor relation — the hanger-on and gentlemanlackey of Sir John Vesey. But I had an object in that — there was one in that house whom I had loved at the first sight.
Page 29 - Consols, and in the Bank of Calcutta (constituting him hereby sole residuary legatee and joint executor with the aforesaid Henry Graves, Esq.), to Alfred Evelyn, now or formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge — [Universal excitement. SHARP. " Being, I am told, an oddity, like myself — the only one of my relations who never fawned on me, and who, having known privation, may the better employ wealth.
Page 41 - My friend, this is not a legal condition — the fortune does not rest on it ; yet need I say that my gratitude considers it a moral obligation? Several months have elapsed since thus called upon — I ought now to decide ; you hear the names. Clara Douglas is the woman who rejected me! GRAVES. But now she would accept you.
Page 13 - I cannot talk with civet in the room, A fine puss gentleman that's all perfume ; The sight's enough — no need to smell a beau — Who thrusts his nose into a rareeshow?
Page 4 - When a man is called stingy, it is as much as calling him rich ; and when a man's called rich, why he's a man universally respected. On the strength of my respectability I wheedled a constituency, changed my politics, resigned my seat to a minister, who, to a man of such stake in the country, could offer nothing less in return than a patent office of 2,000 a year.
Page 29 - If I can be of any use to you STOUT. Or I, sir BLOUNT. Or I ? Shall I put you up at the clubs ? SHARP. You will want a man of business. I transacted all Mr Mordaunt's affairs. SIR...

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