Temporarily Disconnected

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Where is the love in the black community? Why can't our men and women get along anymore? What's really going on with our children? Have our parenting skills fallen to an all-time low? Have black music and movies begun to corrupt our children, who think so highly of these entertainers and look up to them? And if all of these things are true, what do we do now? The book "Temporarily Disconnected" offers a perspective on all of these things that will no doubt spark discussion, and may change the way some of us view these often difficult to understand issues.

This book will give you an idea of how one man, still caught in the emotional and physical struggles of the black community, views the relationship and parental issues that we as blacks find ourselves facing on a day-to-day basis. There's no love like black love, and yet we have become so reluctant to give it. And when we do have it, it's so hard to hold on to. Our villages are still raising our children, but our villages are so corrupt now. From the perspective of one man, "Temporarily Disconnected" attempts to answer an unyielding question: Where do we go from here?

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