Ten Years of Zionism: A Pamphlet Tr. from the Original German and Published by the Zionist Central Bureau, Cologne

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Zionist Central Bureau, 1907 - Jewish question - 39 pages
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Page 16 - The aim of Zionism is to create for the Jewish people a home in Palestine secured by public law.
Page 25 - Palestine," and it rejects either as an end or as a means all colonising activity outside Palestine and its adjacent lands. The Congress resolves to thank the British Government for its offer of a territory in British East Africa, for the purpose of establishing there a Jewish settlement with autonomous rights. A Commission having been sent out to examine the territory, and having reported thereon, the Congress resolves that the Zionist organisation shall not engage further with the proposal.
Page 25 - Zionist organization shall not engage itself further with the proposal. The Congress records with satisfaction the recognition accorded by the British Government to the Zionist organization in its desire to bring about a solution of the Jewish problem, and expresses a sincere hope that it may be accorded the further good offices of the British Government where available in any matter it may undertake in accordance with the Basel Program.
Page 14 - The emancipated Jew is insecure in his relations with his fellow beings, timid with strangers, even suspicious of the secret feelings of his friends. His best powers are exhausted in the suppression, or at least the difficult concealment, of his own real character. For he fears that this character might be recognized as Jewish, and he never has the satisfaction of showing himself as he is in all his thoughts and sentiments. He becomes an inner cripple.
Page 16 - In order to attain this object the congress adopts the following means : "1. To promote the settlement in Palestine of Jewish agriculturists, handicraftsmen, industrialists and men following professions. " 2. The centralization of the entire Jewish people by means of general institutions agreeably to the laws of the land.
Page 16 - Jewish people by means of general institutions agreeably to the laws of the land ; 3. To strengthen Jewish sentiment and national self-consciousness ; and 4. To obtain the sanction of governments necessary to carrying out the object of Zionism. "Zionism is an ideal," according to Max Nordau, " a wish, a hope, just as Messianic Zionism was and is.
Page 14 - ... he can find warmth when he seeks for it. This is the moral Jewish misery which is more bitter than the physical, because it befalls men who are differently situated, prouder and possess the finer feelings.
Page 26 - The Seventh Zionist Congress resolves that, concurrently with political and diplomatic activity, and with the object of strengthening it, the systematic promotion of the aims of the movement in Palestine shall be accomplished by the following methods: (1) Exploration; (2) Promotion of agriculture, industry...
Page 24 - It is true that it is not Zion, and can never become Zion. It is merely a provisional measure of colonization, but, be it noted, on a national and self-governing basis. We cannot and shall not give our masses the signal to start thither. It is and must remain purely an emergency measure, which is to remedy the present chaotic powerlessness of all philanthropic undertakings, and obviate the loss of scattered sections of the race.
Page 22 - May the Jews of all the world become aware of this; may they understand what prospects for them are contained in this fact, and may they at last be prepared to act so that they may be able to help themselves and contribute to the reblossoming of the Turkish Empire.

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