Ten years of my life, Volume 1

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Page 255 - I of course expected to go with Salm as usual, but for once he refused in a most determined manner and remained deaf to all my entreaties. Now it was my turn to become mad. I cried and screamed so as to be heard two blocks off; and Jimmy, who felt for his mistress, howled and barked; but Salm stole away and took a street where he could not hear me and I not see him. I believe I hated him at that moment, and felt very unhappy, for I knew he would come to grief, having never any luck without me.
Page 286 - I had been ordered so suddenly to leave the country. He could not give me an answer until he was better informed. If I would return with Lieut.-Colonel Aspirez to M. Rubio, and wait there for his answer, I was at liberty to do so, or to remain in San Luis. I told him that I would reflect on it, and give him an answer next morning. The President gave me his arm, and accompanied me through all the rooms to the head of the staircase, where he dismissed me with a low bow.
Page 288 - He was not shaved, wore a collar several days old, and looked altogether as if he had emerged from a dust bin, though not worse than the rest of his comrades. To see him again, under these circumstances, affected me very much, and I wept and almost fainted when he held me in his arms.
Page 301 - A bustle was heard outside; the heavy door was opened, and a soldier announced, ' La senora!' In an instant Prince Salm-Salm held the new-comer in his arms. She was the voluntary messenger, his wife, who had just arrived from San Luis Potosi from Juarez. Her face was sunburnt and soiled, her shoes were torn, her whole frame trembled with nerveless fatigue as she laid her hands upon...
Page 4 - that it affords me even a malicious pleasure to disappoint a number of persons who have taken the trouble of inventing the most romantic and wonderful stories in reference to my youth.
Page 15 - He was of middle height, had an elegant figure, dark hair, light moustache, and a very agreeable handsome face, the kind and modest expression of which was highly prepossessing.
Page 240 - As I was well acquainted not only with President Johnson and most of the influential persons in the United States, but also with the best ways and means in which to work upon them, Baron Magnus had suggested to the Emperor the idea of sending me to Washington on a secret diplomatic mission, accompanied by a most powerful ally — two millions of dollars in gold. The proposition pleased me very much, for success seemed by no means improbable, and the importance of the mission and the confidence placed...
Page 25 - Congress, and especially the Senate, was the spring of grace and whoever had friends in that august body was sure of success.
Page 324 - ... blue eyes, he felt the greatest sympathy, if not love and admiration, for him. After this introductory conversation, which lasted about twenty minutes, with a trembling heart I came to the point. It was a most thrilling moment, on which indeed hung the life or death of a noble and good man, who was my friend and Emperor. I said that I had to communicate to him something- which was of the utmost importance to both of us ; but, before doing so, I must ask him whether he would give me his word of...
Page 26 - ... amongst them the fair sex was strongly represented. In fact, there were lady-politicians and lady-lobbyists, who made it a business to exert the influence which they gained by their coquetry over influential men, for the benefit not only of their husbands or friends, but even for strangers and for ready cash ! Of course these ladies were neither old, nor ugly, nor very prudish, and not much respected ; but as society at that time had more an eye to gain than to virtue, these ladies in Washington...

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