Tenth from the Top: Happiness and Hurt Unveiled a Time for My Story

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This Book portrays the journey of a “Ms. Guided,” woman, who was
raised in church, practiced religion but failed to develop a personal
relationship with God. The story depicts how the lack of this vital
relationship leads to unresolved childhood issues, diminished self worth,
and a burning desire for wholeness and a search for unconditional love.
Although this story resides in a fi ctional setting it reveals true to life,
heartbreaking testimony of how a young woman makes a series of bad
decisions that sends her into a downward spiral which create a deeper
void in her life. Ms Guided is inspired and encouraged by the graphic
testimonies of four persevering women. The women’s stories are also
true stories deposited into a fi ctional setting and written in their own
words. Teen pregnancy, single parenting, drug addiction, domestic
violence, incarceration, suicide, and chronic illness are just a few of the
things the women endure.
A Sheppard (Rev. Gilbert Pickett Sr.) guides this transformation
process through his support and scripture based words of wisdom. Ms.
Guided undergoes a process of revelation, refl ection and change. She
becomes whole, healed and demonstrates how God can take ordinary
people and do extraordinary things.
Through her journey, Ms. Guided develops an understanding of the
Christian Development Process and comes to terms with the fact that;
This Walk Ain’t Easy but Help is Along the Way.

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