Terrors of the law: being the portraits of three lawyers, "Bloody Jeffreys," "The bluidy advocate Mackenzie," the original Weir of Hermiston

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Page 115 - A government in every country should be just like a corporation, and in this country it is made up of the landed interest, which alone has a right to be represented.
Page 108 - It may be doubted if he was ever so much in his element as when tauntingly repelling the last despairing claim of a wretched culprit, and sending him to Botany Bay or the gallows with an insulting jest. Yet this was not from cruelty, for which he was too strong and too jovial, but from cherished coarseness.
Page 32 - Sidney," said this Chief Justice of a merry' reign, after passing sentence, "to work in you a temper fit to go to the other world, for I see you are not fit for this.
Page 128 - Advocate MacKenyie, who, for his worldly wit and wisdom, had been to the rest as a god. And there was Claverhouse, as beautiful as when he lived, with his long, dark, curled locks, streaming down over his laced buff-coat, and his left hand always on his right spuleblade, to hide the wound that the silver bullet had made.
Page 33 - That you shall have, by the grace of God. See that execution be done on Friday next, according to law. You shall have the full benefit of the law ! " Armstrong was hanged, embowelled, beheaded, and quartered accordingly.
Page 115 - ... a right to be represented ; as for the rabble who have nothing but personal property, what hold has the nation...
Page 125 - I ever heard that had some fun in it without immodesty, was when a butler gave up his place because his lordship's wife was always scolding him. "Lord!" he exclaimed, "ye've little to complain o': ye may be thankfu
Page 69 - Jerviswood, I own what you say : my thoughts there were as a private man ; but what I say here is by special direction of the privy council ;' and pointing to Sir William Paterson, clerk, added,
Page 52 - God bless you, sir, for this labour of love which you have shown to the slain body of a servant of Jesus Christ ! ' He, without speaking to any, giving them a bow, removed, not loving to be discovered.

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