Test set TS-172A/UP.

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Page 3-12 - ... as the noise previously observed with the echo box detuned. If the receiver recovery is slow, the noise will be weak and will not reappear for some time after the end of the ringtime pattern (see the right-hand portion of Figure 3-11).
Page 3-6 - The end of the ringtime is not at the place where the bright or saturated part of the signal ends, but where the fainter portion of the signal disappears into the background noise. Therefore, when reading...
Page 3-11 - This check will show whether the AFC is locked on the proper frequency. Stop the radar antenna and tune the echo box for maximum meter reading. Turn off the AFC...
Page 3-12 - If the above procedure does not produce a series of curves of identical shape (as indicated) giving a TR recovery point, and if the ringtime is short, then it is probable that the TR recovery time is much too high and is greater than the ringtime.
Page 3-12 - Now retune the echo box to maximum meter reading and again observe the indicator pattern. If the receiver recovery time is normal, the background noise will reappear immediately after the end of the ringtime pattern, and this noise will be approximately...
Page 3-6 - With the radar antenna in rotation, set the receiver gain at minimum and adjust the intensity (bias) so that there is a very slight radial trace on the PPI indicator. (2) Increase receiver gain until the PPI area seems to be just half covered with flecks of "snow".
Page 3-11 - Further slight reduction in gain setting will produce another pattern such as curve C, again similar in shape Figure 3-10.
Page 3-14 - Frequency pulling of transmitter due to bad rotating joint or to reflecting object near radar antenna.
Page 3-19 - Crystal cartridges will stand only a limited amount of mechanical shock and should be handled with the same care as vacuum tubes.
Page 3-1 - If one knows how long the echo box should ring under the particular conditions of the test...

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