Thaddeus of Warsaw, Volume 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1805 - Poland

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Page 44 - You cannot but be aware that the enterprise in which you are engaged, however it may end, is full of peril to you. Successful conspirators are always jealous of each other : Pulaski will find it as easy to rid himself of your life, as it is to take mine.
Page 39 - In the attempt his horse fell twice, and, at the second fall, broke its leg ; they then compelled him, fainting as he was with 'pain, to mount another, and spur it over. The conspirators had no sooner passed the ditch, than they threw his majesty down, and held him, whilst Lukwaski tore from his neck the ribbon of the black eagle and its diamond cross.
Page 42 - I suppose the ruffians tore it off when they rifled him. It was rent in several places, and so wet with blood, that the officer who presented it to me, declared it as his opinion, that they had murdered the king there, and had drawn away the body ; for, by the light of the torches, he could trace drops of blood to a considerable distance. Meanwhile, the king was driven before the seven conspirators, so far into the wood of Biclaney, that...
Page 145 - Therefore I, the King of Poland, enervated by age, and sinking under the accumulated weight of afflictions ; and also we, the members of the diet, declare that, being unable, even by the sacrifice of our lives, to relieve our country from the yoke of its oppressors, we consign it to posterity.
Page 66 - Polanders went on, never looking to the left nor to the right, till all at once they found themselves encompassed by two thousand Muscovite horse, several battalions of chasseurs, and in front of fourteen pieces of cannon, which this dreadful ambuscade opened upon them. Thaddeus threw himself into the midst of his countrymen, and taking the place of their unfortunate...
Page 56 - ... distance, by the beams of a bright evening sun which shone upon their arms. In half an hour his troops descended into the plain, where, meeting those of the palatine and the general, the three columns again united; and Thaddeus joined his grandfather in the van. " My lord," cried he, as they met, ' can I behold such a sight, and despair of the freedom of Poland!
Page 61 - Morning was tingeing the hills which bound the eastern horizon of Winnica before Thaddeus found that his pelisse was wet with dew, and that he ought to return to his tent. Hardly had he laid his head upon the pillow, and "lulled his senses in forgetfulness," when he was disturbed by the drum beating to arms. He opened his eyes, and seeing the palatine out of bed, he sprang from his own, and eagerly inquired the cause of his alarm. "Only follow me directly," answered his grandfather, and quitted the...
Page 145 - ... those who are still suffered to possess a personal freedom have the most galling shackles laid upon their minds. "Therefore I, the King of Poland, enervated by age, and sinking under the accumulated weight of...
Page 56 - My lord," cried he, as they met, " can I behold such a sight and despair of the freedom of Poland!" Sobieski made no reply, but giving him one of those expressive looks of approbation which immediately makes its way to the soul, commanded the troops to advance with greater speed. In a few minutes they reached the outworks of the camp, and entered the lines. The eager eyes of Thaddeus wandered from object to object.
Page 183 - ... on the plea of indisposition; and, in the course of an hour, the count appeared from her apartment, and joined the general. The soldiers filed ofF through the gates, crossed the bridge, and halted under the walls of Prague. The lines of the camp were drawn and fortified before the evening, at which time they found leisure to observe the enemy's strength. Russia seemed to have exhausted her wide regions to people the narrow shores of the Vistula; from east to west, as far as the eye could reach,...

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