That’s Life and Then You Live: When the Weather Changes

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Xlibris US, Apr 28, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography - 86 pages
Today I decided to relax my mind and take a step forward to relate to what had me bound for so long. So I picked up a notebook and pen, went and sat in my quiet inter peace living room, after deliberating for a week, and released all that was not a part of me. As I was writing day after day, I fell asleep, and my childhood flashed right in front of my face. But when I came to, I was a widow with two teenagers, a home to manage, a great job, two brothers and five sisters. Where did the time go? I was just five years old yesterday and others were calling me everything except my name or a child of God. I was stupid, ugly, dumb, lesbian, crybaby, sensitive, weak and every name except Tammy. Well, I wish you would have asked me what was wrong and told me you loved me, and then maybe I would have understood better. I wouldn’t be running and hiding but would have been able to deal with who I really am and not what others thought I was. I’m sorry you didn’t have time for silly things like this, because you had your own families to keep safe, love, and worry about. Okay, it’s cool, but next time take a stand for the little ones who don’t have shoes to wear, take a stand for the ones who cry when it’s time to go home, take a stand and share things them. Things that they don’t have. It doesn’t take much, just a phone call once a week to say I’m thinking about you. Take a stand and open your eyes to what you see, your ears to what you hear and most of all, your heart to what you already know. You see, you’ve broken my spirit, but now I’m rich in my soul. Yes, I know I went through some bad weather in my life, but if others would have spoken up, it would have helped me to survive the storm. That bad weather took me too many places that I wouldn’t have gone, but the clear skies are taking me where I am going. Of course, the sky is my limit, so now I know how far I can go. Without God’s help and the pages of this book, I would have never known how to relax, relate, and release it all. The storm is over

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