The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them

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The 51 Fatal Business Errors, 2008 - Business & Economics - 189 pages
Most business books are like gym memberships, lots of initial enthusiasm and not much meaningful action. These books are great in theory, but useless unless put into practice. We all know we need to exercise. I do not want to be another business person selling you on the benefits of a health club membership. Done right, a business book should energize you AND leave you with tangible action items to make your business better. Done wrong, it is nothing more than theoretical generalities that get you juiced up but have no real impact on you or your business.The purpose of this book is to debate whether or not to go to the health club, but what to DO when you walk in the door. I want to move past the temporary excitement of a new idea and into permanent gain created by making meaningful, lasting changes. My goal in this book is to give you specific tools for using the gym equipment thereby empowering you to get your business in good shape. . I want to energize you about the boundless possibilities of your business while giving you practical action steps to move forward to the next level. - The 51 Fatal Business Errors is not full of fancy theories or fluff. It is chock-full of real-world experience learned at the world's most expensive business school: The School of Hard Knocks. Jim Muehlhaussen has traveled the country collecting the best and worst practices from business owners. The 51 Fatal Business Errors provides a quick and easy format to learn from other business owners' successes and failures. Each error contains a real-life example and definitive action-steps needed to improve common areas of weakness in small business.The 51 Fatal Business Errors is designed to be used as a reference that you can come back to repeatedly as new issues arise in your business that need "toning." The dangerous (but common) mistakes described are outlined in four categories: "Myth -Busters," Improving your personal effectiveness," Using best practices," and "Mule-kicks" - Muehlhausen's bluntly honest tips that realign the way small business owners typical lines of thought. Readers will be able to use it to energize themselves about the boundless possibilities of their businesses while giving them practical steps to move forward to the next level.

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