The ABC of Potato Culture: How to Grow Them in the Largest Quantity, and of the Finest Quality, with the Least Expenditure of Time and Labor; Carefully Considering All the Latest Improvements in this Branch of Agriculture Up to the Present Date ...

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A.I. Root, 1893 - Potatoes - 212 pages
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Page 30 - The statistics indicate that the wheat crops of Ohio have been slightly increased by the use of commercial fertilizers, but it appears that the average cost of this increase has equaled its market value, and that a general improvement in the methods of agriculture has contributed more largely to the increase of Ohio's wheat crops than the use of purchased fertility.
Page 144 - Also the large grow- . er has a chance to concentrate most of his energies and study in one direction, rather than scatter them thinly in many directions. Instead of being a Jack at all trades, and particularly good at none, he can have a chance to excel in one direction. If he will improve that chance, and push his specialty to the utmost, he will find that it not only pays in dollars and cents, and develops his thinking faculties, and makes more of a man of him, but he will get rid of a great deal...
Page 143 - ... have in our means of communication and in our agricultural implements. When I speak of the potato-grower as a specialist I do not mean that he should grow just potatoes and nothing else, but, rather, that he should make that his leading crop — his main source of income. Other crops must be grown with them, of course, to make up a rotation. Let me give...
Page 73 - The first cause of deep scab as studied here is found to be a plant organism of very minute character which attacks the surface of the young growing tubers, eroding, irritating and blackening the adjacent...
Page 145 - I have practiced for many years, and found to be the easiest way for me to make a good living, with the least worry, from my farm, and I find it the pleasantest way too. There is a pleasure about doing one's very best, as the specialist has a chance to do, and the profits from such work are larger.
Page 145 - I couldn't. I could hardly live, let alone getting ahead any. Thus I was forced to go into farming of a different character, or be poor all my life. But I would not have you think that the specialty of itself will ever help you any. It will not. It only gives you the opportunity to excel...
Page 143 - ... he wants, on his own farm. It was necessary once, when the country was new, and there were no. railroads or markets, and not much money ; but now let it go, to a certain extent, along with the stage-coach and scythe, and let us improve in this respect as much as we have in our means of communication and in our agricultural implements.
Page 109 - ... are creeping from place to place, not to speak of those that come from neighboring premises. In spite of our care in destroying the beetles, and eggs, myriads of grubs appeared, and we were at length driven to use Paris green the same as in previous years. When writers advise us, as many have done, to gather the beetles by hand, we want to tell them that if they would practice this advice for one season they would not care to offer it again.
Page 5 - ... life, by a misunderstanding of life, by believing, and therefore practicing, a lie. The stuff they are woven of is something like the unsubstantial kind of stuff that makes up nightmares. They are the sort of thing from which Truth, thoroughly known, can set people free. — J. Bruce Wallace. Some one has said that "an honest man is the noblest work of God.

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