The ADHD Book: Answers to Parents' Most Pressing Questions

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Penguin, Sep 22, 2005 - Education - 224 pages
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Many experts say that, conservatively, well over six million children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With the mounting pressure placed on parents to pursue a diagnosis and medicate hyperactive children, the urgency of life-changing decisions can weigh heavily on the whole family. Conflicting advice bombards parents from all sides-often leaving families more confused and anxious than before. The AD/HD Book seeks to quell fears and rationally addresses nearly one hundred common questions and concerns to help parents make sense of the information chaos.
Beth Ann Hill, herself a mother and educator of AD/HD children, clearly explains the basics of AD/HD and lays out its complexities. She logically takes parents from symptoms, diagnoses and tests, medication, a treatment strategy designed to combine medical treatment, and special parenting techniques to break through problem behaviors.

Whether readers browse through the question-and-answer format or read from start to finish, they will come to:
- understand the biological causes of AD/HD
- get the facts on prescription drugs
- cope with AD/HD's emotional impact on family and friends
- find comfort in real-life examples of challenges and their solutions
With the help of pediatric AD/HD specialist Dr. James Van Haren, Hill also develops unique strategies for teaching social and coping skills to children-and for having fun in the process. She includes worksheets, charts, daily planners, and more to help kids grow into adulthood with the tools to lead successful and productive lives.


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I enjoyed reading this book. It offers a parent's perspective on ADHD. Sometimes, reading too much psychological information on this disorder makes my head spin. This book offers real-life situations ... Read full review


What is attentiondeficithyperactivity disorder ADHD?
What is a disorder? Is ADHD a disease?
Ive seen attentiondeficithyperactivity disorder listed as ADD ADHD and ADHD Which abbreviation is correct?
Why is ADHD so controversial?
What areas of the brain are affected by ADHD?
What areas of behavior and learning do these affected areas of the brain control?
What is the connection between dopamine and ADHD?
Does genetics play a major role in the development of ADHD?
How can I help my child cope with ADHD?
Are there any childrens books about ADHD that you would recommend for my child?
HELPING YOUR TEEN COPE My teenager has just been diagnosed with ADHD How can I help him cope?
Are there any books that you would recommend for my ADHD teen?
My childs grandparents dont understand They just think he is misbehaving How do I help them understand ADHD?
Taking my ADHD child to the grocery is a nightmare She touches everything and asks for everything How can I make this easier?
Our childs ADHD is creating problems in our marriage What should we do?
What organizations are available to help with our childs ADHD?

Can bad parenting cause ADHD?
Can other disorders go along with ADHD? What are these disorders?
How common is ADHD in children?
Has the number of people with ADHD gone up in the past few years?
Why is it so important to treat ADHD?
What are the symptoms of ADHD?
Do children with ADHD sometimes have sensory problems?
What other behaviors do children with ADHD display?
Could temper tantrums and fits be a symptom of ADHD?
Do vocal and physical tics sometimes go along with ADHD?
Is there a higher occurrence of ADHD in children with seizures?
How early can a child be tested for ADHD?
What is the best way to have my child tested for ADHD?
Besides the DSMIV what other tests are used to evaluate a child for ADHD?
Why does the physician look for signs of coexisting disorders in a child with ADHD?
What can I expect during testing? How long will it take?
What will happen after my child receives an ADHD diagnosis?
Our daughter is in high school and was just diagnosed with ADHD How could we have missed it for this long?
What medications are used to help someone with ADHD cope with his or her disorder?
How do these medications work? Are they helpful?
Are these medications like cocaine?
Are these medications safe?
Does using these medications cause tics?
Are generic versions of these medications available?
Will my childs growth be stunted if he is treated with stimulants?
How long will my child be on these medications?
How do we decide which medication is best for our ADHD child?
Should our ADHD child take a drug holiday from medication use?
Are there some children who cant take these medications?
What about special diets to treat ADHD?
What about vitamins and minerals to treat ADHD?
Should I tell my child that he or she has ADHD?
What are my childs legal rights?
What is an IEP?
Does my ADHD child have to be placed in a special classroom?
What should I do if my childs teacher is not supportive?
Doing homework with my child is a nightmare How can we make this easier?
My child is constantly forgetting to bring his homework home What should I do?
My child is too rough with his siblings friends and pets What can we do?
What safety issues should we be aware of with our ADHD child?
My child has trouble making and keeping friends How can we help her socially?
Do ADHD teenagers have a higher risk of developing substance problems?
Are there any issues with driving a car with which we should be concerned?
Should our ADHD teen be allowed to babysit?
What to Expect About Testing
What Parents Can Do
Helping Your Child Cope
What to Expect from Your Childs School

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James Van Haren, M.D., is a child psychiatrist specializing in AD/HD disorders.

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