The Abundance Zone - Your A-Z of Successful Living

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Panoma Press Limited, 2007 - Self-Help - 80 pages
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Have you ever met people who seem to have it all, who seem to be living the life of their dreams? They have a level of joy and success, happiness & openess that goes way beyond what most people could imagine.they're living life to the full, doing what they're most passionate about doing and helping as many people as they can along the way. These are the people that live from the Abundance Zone. There are some brave souls out in the world who have understood the wisdom of 'our thoughts create our reality' and 'where our attention goes energy flows'. Steve Oxlade and Matt Traverso are two such individuals. They are joining a band of men and women across the globe who are no longer willing to focus on what society, governments or our families tell us to focus on. They recognise that we have a choice when it comes to what we think and what we put our attention on. The Abundance Zone by Steve Oxlade and Matt Traverso is designed to help people improve their thinking and language skills so that the internal dialogue of their world is empowered. The words contained within this book are there to help you to discover the power of sound in your life and to assist you to make powerful choices in relation to your thinking and language which will have a direct impact on your attitude to life. Successful people still experience challenges in life. The difference is that because they understand how their thoughts and language create their experience of any event, they choose to use words that are empowering physically, emotionally and mentally. The Abundance Zone isn't just a book about improving your thinking and language skills. It is also a book that gets you to question the core beliefs within you by looking at your words as part of your thinking and language. About the authors Steve Oxlade is co-founder of the Leadership Academy Mastermind Group in London, and is a real Life Adventurer and Ambassador of Abundance. An internationally recognized peak-performance Coach, Author, and Speaker, Matt Traverso has helped thousands of people turn their lives around and he is regularly featured in the press, on radio shows and on TV.

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