The Adaptation Diet: The Complete Prescription for Reducing Stress, Feeling Great and Protecting Yourself Against Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

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Here for the first time, is an easy-to-follow approach to control the damaging impact of stress on health by changing what you eat. By reducing inflammation, food allergies, and blood sugar swings, The Adaptation Diet will help you lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature aging.

Health can be defined as effectively adapting to stress and changing circumstances. Everyone knows stress has negative health consequences, especially if it continues over a long period of time. But what if a hidden stress occurred day after day causing damage from elevated cortisol, the main stress hormone? For many people, that is the case; the culprit is what they are eating.

A revolution has occurred in understanding what stress does to the body, especially the brain. Recent breakthroughs have clarified the changes that can occur in the midbrain, the area of the brain that directly controls stress-hormone secretions from biochemical stress. Concepts such as allostasis and allostatic load help explain why so many people have trouble recovering their health after stressful experiences and prolonged poor dietary habits. Adaptation and reduction of the damage from stress is not just about triggers such as emotional and social situations, but the subtle biochemical stress of poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. Based on these recent breakthroughs, The Adaptation Diet uniquely provides the information needed to biochemically adapt, protecting against the health damaging effects of stress.

The Adaptation Diet takes you through a step-by-step guide to reduce inflammation, diminish the impact of food allergies, improve the detoxification process and identify if celiac disease or wheat intolerance is adding to your biochemical stress. It includes recipes, menus, and a straightforward plan for reducing cortisol, losing weight and slowing the aging process.

Learn to stop the hidden biochemical stress of elevated cortisol with the right eating habits and the use of cortisol-controlling foods and nutrients such as flaxseed powder, cold-water fish and specialized vitamins and botanicals.

The Adaptation Diet is based in over 30 years of experience treating thousands of patients at the La Jolla Clinic of Integrative Medicine. Thoroughly researched and clinically proven, the Adaptation Diet is the path to healthy aging and optimum health.

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