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Trafford Publishing, Sep 25, 2012 - Science
Among an unknowable number of galaxies, billions of stars, in the mileu which is our Universe, one planet, our Earth played host to chemical elements which ultimately delivered molecules of life!
This book offers the thoughts of one individual, his speculation on how the innate behaviour of elements and chemicals contributed to the creation of a molecule capable of replicating itself– the DNA– thus creating the building block to life as we appreciate it today.
The author explains how the violent environment of the Big Bang, the rampaging energies available during the formation of the Earth, formed a cooking pot of sorts, creating organic molecules which made possible life on Earth. The DNA molecule, along with the amino acid coding system and databases for building cells, literally racked havoc on Earth.Culmination of this adventure is the intelligent life form in the shape of Homo sapiens.
The adventure and journey of this successful molecule DNA, should not stop at the shores of Earth.The author believes the adventure begun 3.5 billion of years ago on Earth must continue onwards – and "Man", as manifestation of this adventure, owes it to the DNA, to explore the Universe and extend the boundaries of our life giving molecule.

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