The Adversity Hack: Get Out of Your Own Way, Shift Your Thinking, and Change Your World

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What if you could experience more joy in your life and work through your challenges, so you wouldn’t have to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? In The Adversity Hack, CEO and leadership coach Meg Poag shares a powerful and effective personal development tool to help you shed the old beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to work to create real and positive change in your life. The system she introduces, called The Adversity Cycle, shows you how to begin to look at your circumstances with a fresh perspective and find a new way of moving through the world.†

This book offers practical, down-to-earth lessons that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As you practice and apply the steps of The Adversity Cycle, you’ll start to see changes right away: Things that used to bother you suddenly lose their importance. You have increased capacity for other ideas and points of view. And old patterns and mindsets that have kept you back in the past no longer seem to have a hold on you.

The Adversity Hack teaches you how to find balance and flow in your life by confronting the hard truths about your relationships, unfulfilled dreams, bad habits, and, ultimately, your ego-self. In using this essential life hack, you’ll make better decisions, get less upset by events throughout your day, and experience more joy and less pain—and you’ll know exactly how you want to live and what you need to do to get there.


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The Desire for Transformation
Time to WAKE
Get Ready Identify Your Adversity in Key Moments
Step 1 Look Past Yourself to See Reality
Step 2 Own Your Sht
Step 3 Put Your Higher Self Behind the Wheel
Step 4 Make Your Integrity Moves
Watch Out for the Matrix
Top Ten Proven Strategies to Keep Moving on the Path
Reap the Rewards of Progression The Ripple Effect

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Over de auteur (2021)

Meg Poag is the CEO and Chief Consultant of Mission Squared. She is a visionary, proven leader in both local and national arenas, passionate about empowering other leaders to drive change, get better results, and solve organizations' most complex problems. She accomplished great success in the private and government sectors. Before founding Mission Squared in 2017, Ms. Poag served as the CEO of a nonprofit organization, growing the organization from a small, young startup nonprofit to a $3,500,000 annual operating budget with national acclaim and cross sector impact. In addition, Meg has served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas School of Social Work, teaching a course on leadership for master's students. Ms. Poag not only has proven executive leadership skills, a proven track-record of organizational clients and executive leaders in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, but has also presented at numerous national conferences and been featured in large session panels on a wide array of topics, including managing fast-paced organizational growth, effective leadership in complex systems, and building next-level executive talent.

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