The Age of Augustus

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Wiley, Dec 9, 2002 - History - 176 pages
In this concise biography, Professor Werner Eck, one of the world's leading experts on the Roman empire, tells the extraordinary story of Augustus, Rome's first emperor.

  • A concise and gripping account of Augustus and his age.
  • Written by one of the world's foremost experts on the Roman Empire.
  • Examines the transformation of Rome from a republic to a monarchy.
  • Covers domestic and foreign policy, constitutional developments, and cultural achievements.
  • Compares Augustus' own account of his life to other historical narratives and archaeological records.
  • Includes a new translation of Augustus' Res Gestae with a short introduction and a substantial bibliography to aid further study.

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About the author (2002)

Werner Eck is Professor of Ancient History at Cologne University. He is one of the foremost Roman imperial historians in the world, having published 13 books and over 250 articles on this period. His main field of research is the social history of the Roman empire, Roman epigraphy, and the history of the early church. He is co-editor of the Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik. His publications include Die Verwaltung des römischen Reiches in der Hohen Kaiserzeit (1995, second edition 1998), Das senatus consultum de Cn. Pisone patre (with A. Caballos and F. Fernández, 1996), and Tra epigrafia, prosopografia e archeologia: Scritti scelti, rielaborati ed aggiornati (1996).

Sarolta A. Takács is Associate Professor of Classics at Rutgers University. She is the author of Isis and Sarapis in the Roman World (1995) and has edited a number of books, including a critical co-edition with Cynthia Damon of the Senatus Consultum de Cn. Pisone Patre (1999), originally published by Werner Eck.

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