The Alabama State Constitution: A Reference Guide

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Greenwood Press, 1994 - Počet stran: 258

This first comprehensive history and reference guide on the Alabama State Constitution fills a major gap in the literature needed by political scientists, legal and state historians, and lawyers. Stewart, an authority on the state's political and constitutional history, gives a short overview of important developments since 1819 and then analyzes the constitution--the longest operative written constitution in the world--providing an article-by-article commentary. The full text of the constitution, a table of cases, selected bibliography, and a general index add to the usefulness of this important new reference guide and teaching tool for academics and professionals.

O autorovi (1994)

WILLIAM H. STEWART, Chairman of the Department of Political Science and Director of the Doctoral Program in Public Administration, University of Alabama, has specialized in the study of Alabama politics, government, and constitutional history. His previous books include: Alabama Government and Politics (1988), Concepts of Federalism (1984), and the Alabama Constitutional Commission (1975).

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