The American Flora, Volume 1

Strong and Burdick, 1847

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Página 35 - Fruit surrounded by ihe calyx, stalked, 1-celled, with 3 parietal polyspermous placentae, sometimes 3-valved. Seeds attached in several rows to the placenta, with a brittle sculptured testa surrounded by a pulpy aril ; embryo straight, in the midst of fleshy thin albumen ; radicle turned towards the hilum ; cotyledons flat, leafy.
Página 60 - Stoerch asserts, that on cutting the fresh root into slices, the acrid particles emitted from it irritated the nostrils, fauces, and breast; and that the ends of the fingers with which it had been held became for a time benumbed; that even a single grain in a crumb of bread taken internally produced a burning heat and pain in the stomach and bowels, urgent strangury, tenesmus, colic pais, cephalalgia, hiccup, &c.
Página 81 - ... Satterly and Dr. Marcet are among those who have added their observations to the testimonies in its favour. Dr. Somerville found his patients to remark, that an agreeable sensation was perceived in the stomach soon after taking the Pyrola, and that this was followed in some instances by an extraordinary increase of appetite. He considers it as having in this respect a great advantage over other diuretics, none of which are agreeable to the stomach, and most of them very offensive to it. He further...
Página 66 - At the top it is embraced by green, sword-shaped, ascending leaves, somewhat concave on their upper surface, convex beneath, curved inward at' the point, with numerous small white serratures at their edges. The flowers, which are in a cylindrical, simple raceme, are scarlet near the base, pale in the centre, and greenish at the summit, and have unequal stamens, of which three are longer than the corolla.
Página 82 - He also found it to alleviate altogether the ardor u rime attendant on gonorrhea. Such are the most important facts which to my knowledge have been published respecting the internal use of the Pyrola umbellata. I have administered this plant on various occasions, and attended to its mode of operation. In a number of dropsical cases, when first given, it made a distinct and evident impression on the disease, communicating an increased activity to the absorbents, followed by a great augmentation of...
Página 122 - ... beats. And in other cases in which the Rhododendron has been used at Edinburgh, it has been productive of good effects; and, accordingly, it is now introduced into the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia. The manner of using this plant by the Siberians was, by putting two drams of the dried leaves in an earthen-pot with about ten ounces of boiling-water, keeping it near a boiling heat for a night, and this they took in the morning; and by repeating it three or four times it generally affected a cure.
Página 67 - The first ris'es from two to three thousand feet above the level of the Plains ; it is...
Página 29 - Sarsaparilla in rheumatic affections. It has also been given in dropsical cases with success, where other powerful remedies had failed. The decoction should be made by boiling two ounces of the fresh root in three pints of water, which, in dropsical cases, should be taken in two days, or better in 24 hours.
Página 81 - ... diseases, especially of the liver. After having tried with little or temporary success, almost every variety of diuretic and cathartic medicines, and submitted twice to the operation of tapping, the patient had recourse to a strong infusion of the Pyrola, in the quantity of a pint every twenty four hours. Although the case was altogether an unpromising one, yet the plant gave relief, not only in the first, but in the subsequent instances of its use. It increased the urinal discharge, and at the...

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