The American Journal of Insanity, Tom 75

Przednia okładka
Utica State Hospital Press, 1919
Includes section "Book reviews".

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Strona 373 - Welfare. At the same time the boards of trustees of the two penitentiaries and of the reformatory, together with certain other boards and commissions, were abolished and their activities brought under the same department. The civil code provides that each of the nine departments (which are known as finance, agriculture, labor, mines and minerals, public works and buildings, public welfare, public health, trade and commerce and registration and education) shall be under the command of a director responsible...
Strona 289 - Brewer moved that the report of the committee be adopted, that the rules be suspended, and that the secretary be instructed to cast the ballot for the nominees of the committee.
Strona 481 - Why is Mrs. Bardell so earnestly entreated not to agitate herself about this warming-pan, unless (as is no doubt the case) it is a mere cover for hidden fire— a mere substitute for some endearing word or promise, agreeably to a preconcerted system of correspondence, artfully contrived by Pickwick with a view to his contemplated desertion, and which I am not in a condition to explain?
Strona 18 - Gigantic daughter of the West, We drink to thee across the flood, We know thee most, we love thee best, For art thou not of British blood? Should war's mad blast again be blown, Permit not thou the tyrant powers To fight thy mother here alone, But let thy broadsides roar with ours.
Strona 568 - Understanding a paragraph is like solving a problem in mathematics. It consists in selecting the right elements of the situation and putting them together in the right relations, and also with the right amount of weight or influence or force for each. The mind is assailed as it were by every word in the paragraph. It must select, repress, soften, emphasize, correlate and organize, all under the influence of the right mental set or purpose or demand.
Strona 286 - Readings from recent fiction," choosing three of the recent "best sellers" as the subjects of her kindly wit and irony. The secretary then read the report of the Committee on resolutions. REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON RESOLUTIONS The Committee on resolutions...
Strona 446 - Neither delusion, nor knowledge of right and wrong, nor design or cunning in planning and executing the killing and escaping or avoiding detection, nor ability to recognize...
Strona 531 - One hears very different judgments on the value of life. Some say it is good, others say it is bad. It would be more correct to say that it is mediocre ; because on the one hand it brings us less happiness than we want, while on the other hand the misfortunes it brings are less than others wish for us. It is the mediocrity of life that makes it endurable; or, still more, that keeps it from being positively unjust.
Strona 162 - ... afraid of his own children and relations, and changing every day those very servants whom he had brought up and advanced ? and though they owed all their preferment to him, yet he durst not trust any of them, but shut himself up in those strange chains and enclosures.
Strona 179 - ... be known, he caused fine horses or mules to be bought at any rate whatever ; but this was not done in France. He had a mighty curiosity for dogs, and sent into foreign countries for them — into Spain for...

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