The American Journal of Psychology, Volume 10

Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener, Karl M. Dallenbach, Madison Bentley, Edwin Garrigues Boring, Margaret Floy Washburn
University of Illinois Press, 1899
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Página 397 - In no case may we interpret an action as the outcome of the exercise of a higher psychical faculty, if it can be interpreted as the outcome of the exercise of one which stands lower in the psychological scale, (p.
Página 215 - ... starlight Rushing in spray, Happy at midnight, Happy by day; Ever in motion, Blithesome and cheery, Still climbing heavenward, Never aweary; Glad of all weathers, Still seeming best, Upward or downward, Motion thy rest; Full of a nature Nothing can tame, Changed every moment, Ever the same; Ceaseless aspiring, Ceaseless content, Darkness or sunshine Thy element; Glorious fountain, Let my heart be Fresh, changeful, constant, Upward, like thee...
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