The American Negro, His Past and Future

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Edwards & Broughton, Printers, 1900 - African Americans - 23 pages

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Page 5 - ... habits of a race." Barringer's clinical analysis of his topic demonstrates the structure of thought Douglass and others had good reason to fear. "Let us apply this biological axiom to the human race, taking as our example . . . the Southern Negro," declared the doctor: I will show from the study of his racial history (phylogeny) that his late tendency to return to barbarism is as natural as the return of the sow that is washed to her wallowing in the mire. I will show that the degradation under...
Page 3 - The Maker of the Universe has established certain laws of nature for the planet in which we live, and the weal or woe of mankind depends upon the observance or neglect of those laws.
Page 3 - Paul B. Barringer, Chairman of the Faculty of the University of Virginia...
Page 22 - ... religion and morality may be weaved into the woof and warp of the practical affairs of the negro's daily life. In order to uplift this race, the experiment of amalgamation and miscegenation has also been suggested, but Southern civilization stands aghast at such a thought. If such should ever occur, it will be the first time in the history of man that a Teutonic stock has so fallen. The Latin races naturally mingle their blood with any race they touch, but the Teutonic roots never. And, furthermore,...
Page 16 - Official peculation, judicial murder and utter corruption of every kind, underlie the forms and titles of civilized government ; the religion, nominally Christian, is largely Voudoux, or serpentworship, in which actual and horrible cannibalism is even now a most important element. Instead of progressing, the negro Republican has gone ba'ck to the lowest type of African barbarism.
Page 21 - We took the cannibal and made a man of him, and we did it because our grandfathers and grandmothers were not ashamed to give themselves to his guidance. There are in the South to-day the same people, and in this day of national peril, for it is national, as hard as it will be at first, they will not be found wanting.
Page 13 - It is said that if you scratch a Russian you will find a Tartar. By the same law, if you scratch a negro you will find a savage. A curious" evidence of this fact is seen in the negro in his family discipline.
Page 16 - Christian, ia largely vaudoux or serpent-worship, in which actual and horrible cannibalism is even now a most important element. Instead of progressing, the negro republicans have gone back to the lowest type of African barbarism.
Page 18 - A young savage by instinct, he naturally takes as his ideal the swaggering bully of his own color. He gradually, by theft and effort, gets up an equipment — no longer the bow, club and spear of his forefathers — but now a cheap pistol, a pair of "knucks
Page 18 - By the time he is even fully grown, he is far from home and has almost forgotten the parents that gave him birth; he is a liar, a thief and a rake; a gambler and perhaps a murderer or highwayman ; he fears neither God nor man, and when opportunity offers is ready for any crime. He is in his own vernacular "a bad man," and for once he does not lie.

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