The American Quarterly Microscopical Journal, Volume 1

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Hitchcock and Wall, 1878
Includes the Transactions of the New York Microscopial Society.

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Halaman 63 - The average deviation for accumulated errors, under similar conditions, is not far from -g^^^ of an inch for eleven intervals. For a large number of intervals the deviation will be somewhat larger, but it will not be proportional to the number of intervals. 3. A single observer can obtain an agreement with a normal equation representing all the observed values as far as a solution by least * 'Midland Naturalist,
Halaman 290 - Proboscis, lengthened tongue, though, strictly speaking, it is formed by a prolongation of the under lip. It is not tubular, as Swammerdam had supposed, but solid throughout; and the minute depression at its extremity is not the aperture of any canal through which liquids can be absorbed. Cuvier, in his...
Halaman 17 - Disc large, diam. .0038, valves very much inflated and densely packed with minute radiating punctae , which are scattered loasely and irregularly at the centre, and sometimes radiate from two central blank spaces. In the living form, the connecting membrane is broad, and the highly inflated valves cause it to lie obliquely. There is a characteristic circlet of minute spines, within the margin of the valves, and the subulate blank spaces so .characteristic of A. Ralfsii are more or less apparent....
Halaman 65 - ... it was proposed to adopt a definition of the term which, right or wrong, should be recommended to the microscopists of the country as a convenient and uniform usage. The triangle method was proposed for general adoption, considering the angular aperture of a microscope objective to be the angle of the apex of a triangle having a base equal to the available diameter of the front lens, and a height equal to the actual focal length (working distance), measured in air for a dry lens, and in the fluid...
Halaman 255 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Halaman 186 - Microscope," by Mr. Wenham. The principle of operation consists in causing rays of light to pass through the under side of the glass slip upon which the object is mounted, at the proper angle for causing total-internal reflection from the upper surface of the thin cover, which is thus made to...
Halaman 39 - It was noticed, too, that other corpuscles were prone to pass out at the particular point of previous emigration, so that sometimes several would be crowded together along the vascular wall, and an hour later would be in close proximity external to the vessel opposite the same point. This phenomenon occurred usually not in the minutest capillaries, but rather in the large capillaries and small veins, ranging from ^ to ^ inch in diameter.
Halaman 289 - The manner," says Mr. Newport, "in which the honey is obtained when the organ is plunged into it at the bottom of a flower, is by ' lapping, ' or a constant succession of short and quick extensions and contractions of the organ, which occasion the fluid to accumulate upon it and to ascend along its upper surface, until it reaches the orifice of the tube formed by the approximation of the maxilla?
Halaman 265 - ... living germ, and that the germs continue to multiply and increase by an independent action of their own — if this be indeed true, why do the germs after a certain time cease to multiply and allow the sick person to recover.
Halaman 211 - ... under exactly the conditions which prevail in actual work with this instrument. It was therefore determined to try the method with the meridian circle of Harvard College Observatory. Professor Pickering kindly authorized the expense of the construction of the necessary apparatus, which was designed by Mr. Geo. B. Clark, of the firm of Alvan Clark & Sons, and which was made under his superintendence. A ring having an outside face of two inches was made in two halves and securely fastened to the...

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